Corporate Governance Policy

MTL has set the "Corporate Governance Policy" considered that management with transparency, accountability and operations without corruption as well as having responsibility and giving fairness to every stakeholder will bring us the solid and sustainable business.

Code of Conduct

MTL has formulated “Code of Conduct” concerning general work principles and the Company’s ethics. Muang Thai Life Assurance is committed to good management principles adhered to the corporate governance in order to ensure that all directors and employees adhere to those guidelines and have a common understanding and standard on best practices.

Anti-Corruption Policy

MTL has formulated "Anti-Corruption Policy" with a purpose of business operation and management which need to be conducted based on an integrity, transparency, and responsibilities to society and all stakeholders.

Risk Management Policy

MTL recognizes the importance of an effective risk management system. The Company has established a well-defined governance structure to manage the risk of the company in accordance with international practices to best protect the interest of all stakeholders.

CG Guide Journal

A journal that promotes knowledge and understanding of corporate governance, along with interviews with employees about applying corporate governance principles in their work.

CG Awards

Awards for good corporate governance practices that the Company has received.

CAC Certification

Awards for good corporate governance practices that the Company has received.

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