Life insurance business is significant to the country’s economic system and has long-term obligations and responsibilities to customers. Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited, therefore, adheres to the purpose of business operation which is based on management under the good corporate governance. Moreover, the Company also adheres to the Code of Conduct, transparency, accountability and is aware of responsibilities to every stakeholder. The Code of Conduct that the Company adheres to is as follows:

Readiness for Response

The Company is ready to promptly respond to any changes in terms of customer’s demands, economic situation, technology, rules as well as social context as it will drive the Company’s business to be continued, updated and be able to respond to all needs of every customer segmentation both at present and in the future.

Commitment to Success

The Company is committed to achieving every business goal under the scope of Code of Conduct which includes a delivery of excellent products and services to customers and stakeholders. The Company also adheres to professional work principles and responsibilities in every step of work.

Responsibilities to Stakeholders

The Company is aware of responsibilities to every stakeholder since the Company believes that business with responsibilities and fairness to stakeholders will lead to a strong and sustainable business.


MTL’s vision is to be customers’ trusted lifetime partner by putting customers at the heart of everything we do. The Company also applies good management principle under the corporate governance by utilizing effective work system to build credibility to customers and stakeholders.


The Company firmly believes in conducting a fair business without taking any unfair advantage by adhering to the Code of Conduct in every step of work and promoting equality in customer service.


       The Company conducts a business based on ethics, integrity and promotes this practice to directors, executives and employees of the Company to act and comply with the Code of Conduct as well as avoid any action which might result in the conflict of interest and any kinds of corruptions.

Compliance with Laws

The Company strictly complies with legal business practices in accordance with relevant laws and rules as well as adheres to the management principles under the corporate governance. In addition, the Company avoids any operations and supports which might involve illegal actions against laws, rules, regulations and the Code of Conduct.

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