In this issue, we would like to bring some nice-to-know tips to Muang Thai Smile readers as always. What’s interesting today is personal information update and identity verification (KYC). Do you know that thoroughly and correctly entering personal information to apply for life insurance, to open a bank account or even to open a mutual fund account is very beneficial to us? It does not only protect our data and prevent data theft and impersonation, but staff and service providers can also analyze, evaluate, provide after-sales service, benefits, and insurance products, or help select a fund which best suits you. First of all, let's get to know.

Tip: MTL customers can simply update personal information and verify the identity through IVR Self Service.

What is KYC?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is the process of getting to know customers to be able to accurately identify and verify the identity which is a part of Money Laundering Control Act. Financial institutions and financial service providers must monitor customer information by regularly updating the information.

Why We Need KYC


Once financial institutions and financial service providers know who you are, your goals, your financial constraints, or even risk level you can tolerate for life insurance application, including investment limitations, they will be able to recommend products, services, and benefits suitable for you the best. There are many more advantages which many life insurance applicants have never known as follows:

• Protect data subjects and prevent impersonation
• Fully and fittingly access to policy services and other policy benefits
• Protect your data with security standards

By knowing this, you can easily update your personal information and verify your identity through the following channels:

• Customer Service Center of Muang Thai Life Assurance nationwide
• MTL Click Application
• Online channel, click


To facilitate you more…

Besides the channels above, you can easily change or update your personal information through IVR Self-Service, available 24/7, by calling Tel. 1766 and pressing 3. For more information, click 

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