Many people might come up with a question why parents or grandparents are such complainers or have some behaviors we cannot understand such as having aches in many body parts, walking so slowly, and many more other things. Do you know, the elderly themselves have a thought popping into their mind, too, “You can say that because you are not old.” “I used to be cool, too.” or “Believe me, I have been through a lot.” Sometimes, we think for others, but those thoughts might not always be what they want. Because of the age gap, we might not understand the effects caused by physical and psychological changes, and that could reduce happiness and joyful moments in our home. Today, Muang Thai Smile Emagazine would like to help you understand the elderly more so that you can respond to and help them properly for their happiness.

Understand the elderly’s physical changes:

First of all, we must understand that getting older results in physical changes. Body systems do not function very well as they used to, and the body starts to deteriorate such as slower movements, less energy as well as the deterioration of sense organs. Sometimes, they cannot hear things well. They used to be able to do things by themselves, but now they might cannot do some of those things by their own. Now we are aware of those difficulties, we can help them feel at ease and safer by paying attention to the details of their daily life such as supporting them while walking, doing things slowly and waiting for them, speaking a little bit louder and not showing the frustration when they cannot hear you well, checking if there are any obstacles which might cause some accidents, settings walking assistants around the house, and saving emergency telephone numbers on their phone to make sure they can stay at home safely.

Understand the elderly’s psychological changes:

Getting older absolutely makes them feel they have lost a lot of things such as having to stop working, having deteriorating body, having fewer friends, and occasionally forgetting things. Even they, themselves, need time to deal with their own feelings in several emotions: loneliness, anger when having conflicts with children who are not listening to them, worry, anxiety, depression, and sadness. Please imagine if we need to face the situation they are getting through now, how would we do, and what help would we need? From the imagination, we will know how to respond to and help them in proper ways and reactions. You should find some time to eat together since eating together with family members affects the elderly’s psychological status. Statistics confirmed that the elderly regularly eating with family members have the highest mental health score at 32.23 on average, followed by those occasionally eating together (30.58), barely eating together (30.41), and never eating together (29.57). (Source: Thai Mental Health Survey in 2008 by National Statistical Office of Thailand)

Understand the elderly’s social changes:


Besides the physical and psychological changes, the elderly at home also need to face another issue considered hugely important to them, social changes. Due to their duties and social roles being reduced, they are distanced from the society. When the body deteriorates, helping themselves gets more difficult; carrying out daily activities affects their mental health. It causes them to feel so insecure that they sometimes do not want to socialize or participate in any activities with others. After we know and understand this, we should sometimes take them to do outdoor activities and have light workouts to relieve them of depression and sadness. Plus, they can also build strength, flexibility, and balance to their body as well. Try to talk to them frequently about their old friends and joyful moments back then when going out to have fun with the fellows. This might inspire them to go out and socialize. Additionally, do not forget to share new technologies to them or guide them to help themselves through those technologies. For example, when they want to connect with MTL, they can download MTL Click Application to their mobile phone. You can guide them to conveniently make transactions via Video Call Service to directly have a conversation with a specialist. Now, they can put their mind at rest without the need to leave a house.

When we understand the elderly by these three issues, we can rest assured that you will find a new buddy, who is your family member. You can talk and consult them from their past experience to help you better make a decision in the household. That will make your life happier and safer as you have such an experienced advisor.
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Source: Changes in the Elderly article


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