During the unresolved COVID-19 situation, people still can’t go outside as usual. We’ve stayed at home much more than any other places. It’s been around 2 or 4 months so far, hasn’t it? How would you feel if you have to stay at home like this for another more months? Certainly, many people are already bored, while others find a simple way to seek their own happiness. Thus, we’ve brought many tips for you, and we can assure you that you'll be much happier at home than before! We can definitely say that you can stay happy despite staying at home.
       1. Be happy with your healthy body by exercise. If you want to keep your body healthy, you should exercise regularly for at least 15-30 minutes every day. This will help you stay active and sweaty. Furthermore, exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy body and reduce fat accumulation, but it also helps you get a good night's sleep, so it's like exercise has double benefits! Even though exercising at home seems to be lonely, try to find equipment or items at home to make exercise more enjoyable, such as using jump ropes, hula hoops, dumbbells and gym balls, cycling, or stair running.

       These are some ways to exercise at home, but both enjoyably and effective in burning calories, just like at the gym! Plus, on the day that COVID-19 situation is unfolding, you may be returning to work or the gym with fit and healthy body that people can’t stop looking at you.
       2. Be happy with the relaxed mind with your favorite hobbies. Aside from exercising, eating healthy food, and getting enough rest which will help you deal with stress effectively, there’re still numerous ways to help you unconsciously feel relaxed including your favorite hobbies such as reading, listening to music, or watching your favorite movies. We also have strange ways to relieve stress besides your favorite hobbies. Activities we’d like to recommend to relieve stress and bring happiness back to you include decorating your home and changing the style, changing the tables’ color, changing new cutlery to be cuter, changing dining set to look more stylish, trying to get rid of items you haven’t used for more than 2 years, if they still work, donate them to other foundations, trying to make jigsaw from selfie photos of you or your loved ones to practice meditation, or asking you family members to invent simple things from unused items such as a drawer from cardboard boxes.

Understand the elderly’s social changes:


       3. Be happy from online activities participation such as online games competitions or winning rewards from brands such as campaigns from Muang Thai Life Assurance. On the Company’s 70th anniversary celebration, we have released a special campaign called “Happiness Means Your Smiles.”. This is to deliver experience, happiness, and smiles as a thank you to customers through “Muang Thai Smile Club” with Muang Thai Smile Mop Chok Campaign. Redeem 1 Smile Point for 1 lucky draw ticket to get a chance to win rewards health lovers and beauty enthusiasts cannot miss, totaling 40 rewards worth over 400,000 Baht.

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       It’s not all we have! To deliver happiness to Muang Thai Smile Club members while staying at home, we provide more specialties in very special campaign that starts on 7th of every month throughout 2021. In June, redeem 7 accumulated Smile Points for an e-voucher worth 100 Baht for shopping at Lazada! The redemption period is from 7 – 30 June 2021 (1 privilege/person/campaign), limited to 500 privileges only! Please hurry up. Stay at home and you’ll find happiness easily. For more, click

       During this hard time, please keep going. It’s tough, but this too shall pass.

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Reference: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/exercise-at-home-to-avoid-gym-during-coronavirus-outbreak


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