We can't deny that, nowadays in our daily lives, there is a great deal of technologies providing us more convenience, comfort, and security. Absolutely, whatever we pick up or touch in a day, a technology has been certainly involved in our daily activities one way or another. Today, we would like to introduce Muang Thai Smile Club members 3 technologies for transactional security, and we will come to know that if we properly use the technology, it could change our daily routine, whether for solving problems or making our lives better than ever. Let's see if those technologies are interesting for you.
1. Face recognition is an identification technology with high accuracy by artificial intelligence (AI). In addition
to being able to verify the identity of the face owner, it can also verify the identity by other parts of the face. Researchers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China proved that AI can make a prediction with 89.5% accuracy rate only from a photo of a face which has never been recorded before. So, it is well known that this face recognition technology has been built to learn and recognize human facial structures and send data from the recognized or detected faces to the system. Then, the data is used for analyzing or processing in other operational procedures. Mostly, the technology is applied to tasks related to security system such as access control.
(Recources: http://www.research.rmutt.ac.th/?p=10069 and http://www.securitysystems.in.th/2018/05/face-recognition/, searched on 1 July 2021)
2. Iris scanner is a biometric authentication through different iris types. This is one of popular ways used for authentication besides fingerprint or face scanning. The research from Carnegie Mellon University in the United States showed that the latest iris scanning technology can identify a person in the distance of 40 feet or 12 meters. Iris scanner technology is the collaboration between camera and IR LED; the camera captures images from IR LED reflected on our iris to recognize the iris of individuals. It is another highly secure and internationally accepted biometric technology because each person's iris has a unique and very complex form; it is almost possible to be copied. So, iris scanning in mobile phone is considered as one of secure technologies.

(Resources: 1. A Comparative Analysis of Physiological Biometrics Authentication, click
searched on 1 July 2021)
3. Voice recognition security system, or voice authentication technology or user’s voice recognition, is one of biometric technologies to distinguish identity through individual’s unique voice. This technology is mostly applied to the calls to receive services or to make transactions with a bank. The system will record the user’s unique voice and store as voice print which can immediately verify a bank account owner. This is to simplify complex steps of initial inquiries for the staff answering the phone. 
 (Resource: click, searched on 1 July 2021)

According to all different authentication technologies, they can help us to have much better lives and save more time with more security .

Muang Thai Life Assurance recently launched “Voice Biometrics Authentication Service” to ensure you that your data will be well protected, and the customers can access the policy information faster and more conveniently through Call Center Service Tel. 1766 with less authentication questions replaced by your “voice” instead. Your voice will be your password to unlock the information for authentication to receive the services! Don’t forget to register for the service.

Channels of voice biometrics authentication registration:
1. Video Call via MTL Click Application (Monday – Friday during 08.30-17.00 hr.)
2. Call Tel. 1766, available 24/7.
3. Muang Thai Life Assurance Customer Service Centers nationwide
Remark: Service procedures and conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL.
For more information, Click (https://bit.ly/3xgm65Y.)
Special, when your voice is successfully registered for voice biometrics authentication, get a chance to win big rewards worth over 800,000 Baht in Big Thanks for YOUR VOICES campaign. 

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(License No. 383/2021. Conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL. )

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