Speedy Claim Service 

        With this easy, fast and convenient claim service, customers can instantly receive accident claim at any Muang Thai Life Assurance’s Customer Service Center nationwide within 2 hours when the documents are completely and correctly prepared.
To receive the service, please contact any Muang Thai Life Assurance’s Customer Service Center nationwide from 08.30 - 16.00 hrs. (during business days and hours).

Conditions of the instant health/accident/death claim consideration
1. The service is only offered for accident/health/death claims.
2. Health/accident claim amount must not exceed 50,000 Baht/claim.
3. The death claim payment is up to 200,000 Baht/policy.
4.Process will be completed within 2 hours after receiving claim documents from customers. (Claim documents
must be complete and meet the Company’s criteria and rules.)
5.Instant claim service is available from 08.30-16.00 hrs.
Please submit complete and correct documents to responsible units within 16.00 hrs. (If the documents are submitted
after 16.00 hrs., the Company will submit the documents to responsible units according to the normal process.)
6. For health claim, details of the eligible riders are as follows:
    6.1 The health riders must not be under the waiting period.
    6.2 Illnesses must not be included in the riders’ exclusions.
    6.3 Claim consideration and approval are subject to the conditions specified in the policy.
7. For death claim, it must be a natural death, and the policy exceeds the right to dispute.
8.Conditions are subject to the Company’s rules.
9.The service is reserved for insureds/the beneficiary only. (For agents or authorized persons of insureds, the Company will submit claim documents to responsible units according to the process further.)

Signing health/accident/death claim documents
1. In case of signing by fingerprint, signatures of 2 witnesses must be completely provided.
2.In case of a minor (less than 10 years old), a father/mother/legal guardian is required to sign and specify the relationship.
3. In case of a minor (over 10 years old but less than 20 years old), a father/mother/legal guardian is required to sign together with the minor and specify the relationship.

Claim Payment Service at 7-Eleven
Receive speedy health or accident claim proceeds anywhere and anytime at 7-11 by simply showing ID card and the message sent to the phone number as informed to the Company at any branch of 7- Eleven to receive accident or health claim of up to 10,000 Baht/claim (Only normal claim cases which are in accordance with the policy conditions).

Conditions of claim payment at 7- Eleven
1. Customers must present ID cards and and the message sent to the phone number as informed to the Company.
2. Accident/Health claim amount must not exceed 10,000 Baht.
3. The service is reserved for health or accident claims only.

Media Clearing is a service which allows you to automatically receive policy benefits and other benefits via your bank account by not having to wait for a cheque.
Simply apply through MTL Click Application, Video Call Service at Tel. 1766 or via MTL Click Application

1.The account name for applying Media Clearing service must match with the name-surname of the policyholder
who has entered into insurance contract with the Company.
2.In case of unsuccessful application or information revision of Media Clearing service, the Company will send
SMS and a letter to explain about the details and request for additional documents via postal mail according to
the address given to the Company.
3.Service conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL.

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