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Employee Top Ups Banner

Muangthai Employee Top-Ups Campaign

Individual insurance for yourself and family members.

Top Ups for room charges

Top Ups for room charges

Comprehensive medical expenses coverage

Comprehensive medical expenses coverage

Affordable premiums

Affordable premiums

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Office workers, working full-time, waking up early, and returning home late may forget to take care of themselves. When illness strikes, the savings can vanish with medical expenses... Let MTL take care of your health concerns. Support from existing health benefits or comprehensive support of up to 20-40 million baht per year. Generously, we offer special premium rates with up to 10% for "Support Light" and 5% for "Support Max" every policy year throughout the contract term.

For more information, contact our Corporate Sales Team

Phone: 02-290-2601-3
Email: [email protected]


(1) Special privileges for employees, their parents, spouses, and children.
(2) Premium for a healthy male aged 30.
(3) For "Support Light" Plan 2.
- The "Employee Top-Ups" program is the marketing name for the Extra Care health insurance rider (Support Light) and Elite Health (Support Max).
- This health insurance rider must be purchased as an add-on to a new policy only.
- The underwriting considerations are based on the company's criteria.
- Renewal premiums will vary according to the specified age.
- Premiums for this insurance policy can be used for personal income tax deduction according to Revenue Department notifications No. 172 and 315.


Buyers should understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to purchase insurance."

Life & Health Insurance Claims

Procedures Required Documents
  1. Inform MTL within 14 days from the date that the insured passes away.
  2. Send claim evidence within 30 days from the date that the insured passes away.
  1. Cover letter of death claim request from life insurance with submission of document for the insured
  2. Copy of death certificate
  3. Copy of ID card of the deceased and the beneficiary (if specified)
  4. Copy of house registration of the deceased and the beneficiary (if specified)
  5. Copy of death certificate from the health care provider
  6. Copy of subscription card identifying the beneficiary (if available)
  7. Beneficiary’s Declaration: is the form of a document sent by MTL upon notification of death
    • Identified Beneficiary Case: the beneficiary signs the document.
    • Unidentified Beneficiary Case: the policyholder’s authorized person signs the document, together with the company stamp.
  8. Evidence of latest salary or evidence of latest social welfare contribution