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Smile Service Application

Muang Thai Life Assurance provides you “Simplicity” through the new Smile Service Application that will connect you with good services 24/7.

Smile Service, the application for forward thinking people, comes with various functions for you to try…

  • Simple…Check data and details of all policies you have.
  • Convenient…Check the latest activities and privileges from Muang Thai Smile Club as well as redeeming Smile Points to enjoy activities or privileges.
  • Prompt…Search network hospitals nationwide for both health and accident insurance together with navigation and shortcut icon to contact a hospital.



  • Simply check your life insurance policy details such as premium payment due date, insurance policy coverage and benefits and E-policy.


  • Simply check health and accident claim status in case of direct claim with the Company.


  • Download life insurance service forms such as claim request form, premium payment form, request form to amend policy details, premium payment certificate, etc.

ILP Policy

  • The latest feature for investment-linked life insurance policyholders which provides comprehensive investment details.


Download and update the application for free at


Type “Smile Service”, then install.

 * Applicable for both Muang Thai Life Assurance’s policyholders and Muang Thai Smile Club members

  • For Muang Thai Smile Club members, please log in with the personal password received from the registration for activation of Muang Thai Smile Club card.
  • For general customers, please register through the application and get access immediately.
  • In case of forgotten password, click “Forgot Password” to receive OTP password and reset new password.

**Available for iOS7 and Android 4.0 and later

***Available for Internet Explorer 9.0 and later, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari

For more information, please call 1766 Muang Thai Smile everyday, 24 hours.

Remark: Service conditions are as specified by the Company.

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