Can the policy be reinstated??

Do you know...if a policy is lapsed and you have not received surrender value, you can request to reinstate the policy within 5 years from the lapsed date for continual coverage? You can reinstate the policy through the following 2 options. 

You shall pay all outstanding premium together with interest according to the rate specified in the policy as to reinstate and maintain the same coverage conditions.

Insurance effective date is postponed for a period that is equivalent to the policy lapsation period and the insured will restart premium payment based on a rate according to the age on the new contract effective date.

Remark: The insured has to pay premium for policy reinstatement (in case of changing contract effective date)/ interest (in case of reinstatement), whichever the case may be. The policy reinstatement shall be effective once the Company approves.


Document submission

Customer Service Centers nationwide, or deliver documents to
Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited 
250 Rachadaphisek, Huaykwang District, Bangkok 10310

Q&A About Policy Service

Do I need to change policy information if my title was changed from “Miss” to “Mrs.”?

Yes. The Company will change the information and issue endorsement to the customer to attach to the policy as an evidence.

What is reduced paid-up insurance policy?

If the insured pays premium until the policy has surrender value, the insured has a right to stop premium payment and convert the policy into reduced paid-up insurance policy. Therefore, the policy will have the same coverage period, but coverage value and maturity benefit will reduce which is subject to policy surrender value stated in the reduced paid-up value column of the policy value schedule in the policy book. The Company shall pay this amount to the insured upon contract maturity date or the beneficiary if the insured passes away within contract period.

What are the kinds of personal information that the Company must be notified (if there is a change)?

Personal information such as name, surname, address, telephone No. must be notified to the Company if there is a change.

How to calculate policy surrender value?

Surrender value shown in the policy value schedule is the value at the end of policy year per sum insured of 1,000 Baht. To calculate it, sum insured is divided by 1,000, and multiplied with the value of the policy year that you want to surrender as shown in the schedule (in case of surrender at the end of policy year), plus other entitled benefits (if any), deducting any outstanding debts and/or liabilities (if any).

Can I check personal information through online channel?

 Yes, you can check the information via MTL Smile Application or MTL Smile website.

Can I request a new policy book if policy is lost?

You can request a new policy book by submitting a policy report, a request for a new policy, copy of identification card with certified true copy at Customer Service Centers nationwide, or deliver documents to Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited 250 Rachadaphisek, Huaykwang District, Bangkok 10310

Conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL.

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