Details of Insurance Package

Premium Payment Period

7 years

Term of Coverage

Until age 90

Mode of Premium


Health Check Up

Refer to company's guideline

Rider Attachment

Refer to company's guideline

The case that the Company would not cover :

1. In case the insured conceals any truth or gives any false statement, the Company shall have the right to void the contract within two years from the effective date of contract or the date of last reinstatement of the policy either from lapsation or conversion. 
3. In the case the insured misstates their age and the Company can prove that the actual age on the date of contract is outside the premium limit according to the Company’s business practice.

There are altogether 5 exclusions that the Company will not provide coverage according to the waiver of premium rider(insurable age between 15-59 years),for example, if the insured becomes disabled by theses causes:  

1. Suicide attempt or self-inflicted injury
2. Bodily injury that results from traveling and performing as cabin crew or traveling in any non-commercial aircrafts
3. Act under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substance that impairs the mental faculty, etc.


- Only this life insurance premium is eligible for personal income tax deduction benefit according to the Notification of the Director General of the Revenue Department on Income Tax No. 172 announced on 30 December 2008.
- Underwriting is subject to the Company's regulations.