Highlight benefits

Chance for Upside Gain

Through Citi Global Multi Asset USD VT 5 Series 3 Index

Guaranteed Benefits

Guaranteed cash bonus during the contract and protected paid premium

Tax Deductible

Eligible for personal income tax deduction of up to 100,000 Baht(3)


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"Chance to Invest in Global Index for Good Returns" Brand new life insurance plan that does not fix returns like traditional life insurance plans, but creates the opportunity to receive upside gain through the Citi Global Multi Asset USD VT 5 Series 3 Index which is managed by Citi experts.

Insurance conditions

Insurable Age

30 days - 70 years old

Premium Payment Period

Single premium payment

Coverage Period

10 years

Minimum Sum Insured

30,000 Baht

Rider Attachment

Not allowed

Health Checkup

No health checkup and no health questions(4)


1. In case the insured voluntarily commits suicide within one year from the effective date of the insurance policy or the date that the Company approves to increase the sum insured amount which shall apply to the increasing sum insured amount only.
2. In case the insured is murdered intentionally by the beneficiary.
3. In case the insured declares an incorrect age and the Company can prove that at the time of insurance contract formation, the actual age is outside the premium rate limit according to the normal business practice of the Company.

Validity of insurance contract

In case that the insured knowingly makes false statement or knowingly omits to disclose any fact to the Company for acknowledgement while applying for the insurance, where if the Company had known of such fact, the Company may be induced to charge higher premium or refuse to enter into the insurance contract, then this insurance contract will be voidable according to Section 865 of the Civil and Commercial Code which the Company has the right to void the insurance contract and not to make any policy payment. The Company's liability will be limited to returning all premium paid to the Company.


Buyers should have an understanding in the details of coverage, conditions and risks every time before making a decision to purchase insurance.


(1) Benefit and coverage are in % of the initial sum insured. 
(2) The dividend shall be paid in case the insured is alive upon the contract maturity only.  However, the Company does not guarantee maturity dividend.  
(3) It is subject to the Revenue Department.
(4) Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.

- Premium of this insurance contract is eligible for personal income tax deduction.
- Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign is a marketing name of Muang Thai Smart Linked Plus 10/1 (Global) insurance plan.


Q : How is Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign different from ordinary products and unit-linked products?
A : Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign is an endowment product which guarantees policy cash bonus. If the insured is alive upon the contract maturity, the insured may receive special dividend (if any) which refers to investment of the index. The dividend is subject to performance of the index.

Q : Who should purchase Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign?
A : Customers who want to start investment, but have low risk appetite and do not want to lose principal; or those who do not have time to monitor the market situation and need an investment assistant.

Q : Does Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign guarantee the principal?
A : It guarantees the principal. If the insured is alive upon the contract maturity, the Company guarantees total benefits throughout the contract of 105%* (including cash bonus during the contract of 4%* and maturity benefit of 101%*), which are higher than the total paid premiums. Meanwhile, the insured may receive special dividend (if any).

Remarks: *Benefit is in % of the initial sum insured. 

Q : What are risks of Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign?
A : 1. Investment Risk: Return might not be as expected. Actual return might deviate from expected return. However, Citi Global Multi Asset USD VT5 Series 3 Index mitigates the risk by diversifying the investment across different asset classes and countries as to lower volatility and enhance return.

2. Exchange Rate Risk: Dividend calculated based on Global Multi Asset USD VT 5 Series 3 Index contains the exchange rate risk since the index is in USD currency. Thus, a risk on exchange rate volatility of THB currency and USD currency may exist. However, the policyholder will still receive full amount of conditional cash bonus once reaching contract maturity as the conditional cash bonus has no exchange rate risk.

Q : How can customers monitor the performance? Will customers get reports?
A : Customers can monitor the performance from the Company's website www.muangthai.co.th/NAV

Q : Does Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign charge any expense?
A : No

Q : Can customers pay premium of Muang Thai 101 Plus Campaign via credit card?
A : No

Q : Why does the Company choose Citi for investment management?
A : CIti is one of the largest financial institutions and achieves international reputation. It was voted as the best bank in the world and Asia in 2018 (by the 2018 Euromoney awards). Moreover, it has a long experience of investment strategy and provides comprehensive services.

Q : If customers terminate the contract before maturity, will they get dividend?
A : In case of termination before maturity, the customers will not receive any dividend (if any).


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