Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL facilitates you with a download service of premium payment certificate for the tax year 2016 (as an evidence for personal income tax deduction) at “Smile Service” : Online Information Service for Forward Thinking People by visiting:

Option 1 : Website

Option 2 : Smile Service Application View VDO Click!


For non-Muang Thai Smile Club members, please press

If you have not yet registered to use “Smile Service”

  1. Press the registration button and fill in information
  2. Choose a channel to receive OTP either from SMS via mobile phone or email
  3. Fill in OTP in a password box and click “Log In” button
  4. Change a password for security and fill in a new password to log in
  5. Choose “Download Premium Payment Certificate” menu

If you have already registered to use “Smile Service”

  1. Fill in insured’s No. and 6-digit password from the registration
  2. Click “Log In” button
  3. Choose “Download Premium Payment Certificate” menu

For Muang Thai Smile Club members with 4-digit password, please click

  1. Fill in membership No. (on Muang Thai Smile Club card) and 4-digit password
  2. Click “Log In” button
  3. Choose “Download Premium Payment Certificate ” menu

(If you forget 4-digit password or have not received password, please click “Forgot Password” and follow the steps to request for a new password.)

Sample of how to use “Download Premium Payment Certificate ” menu in “Smile Service” application

1. Choose “Download Premium Payment Certificate ” menu

2. The system will display your eligible policy for tax deduction.

2.1 Choose a year (B.E.) to download premium payment certificate which is available for the latest 8 years.

2.2 Click a letter icon to preview the premium payment certificate to be printed or sent via email.

2.3 You can subscribe to receive a premium payment certificate via email annually (on January).

3. The premium payment certificate follows the same format as an original document which can be printed and used for tax deduction.

Send via email

1. Please indicate the email address to receive the premium payment certificate file.

2. Click “Send” and the file will be sent to the given email address.