Muang Thai Smile Club members are entitled to 50% discount for question-asking service from A Duang (up to 50 coins).

MTL Click Application. 

15 May 2020 - 31 July 2020

Enter discount, click  or A Duang Application

How to exercise discount privilege

1. Open/ download "A Duang" Application.
2. Log in with Facebook or email (or create a new account).
3. Select the service package of your choice (question-asking service).
4. Press “Buy Now” and enter the information required by the fortuneteller. 
5. Press “Next” and select “Use Discount Code”.  
6. Enter the discount code given via MTL Click Application.  
7. Press “Confirm” and press “Confirm the Question”.
8. In case the members never topped up the coins:   
    -  The coins can be topped up after selecting the service.
    -  To top up the coins (press 3-line menu icon > press a plus symbol at the coin icon > select the coin package of your choice.)
For more information about exercising the discount privilege :

Rules and Conditions of Participation

1. A Muang Thai Smile Club member is entitled to 1 privilege throughout the campaign.
2. This special privilege can be exercised for the question-asking service or other services provided via A Duang Application only.
3. The discount privilege is reserved for Muang Thai Smile Club members who purchase a service from A Duang for the first time only.
4. A code for coin discount is for 1 user only. 
5. The 50% discount code for the question-asking service is up to 50 coins (worth 75 Baht). 
6. Service conditions are as specified by A Duang.
7. For more information about receiving the discount code, please call Tel. 1766, 24/7.

Privilege Information

50% discount for question-asking service from A Duang
Special Privileges for

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