Muang Thai Smile Club members can redeem the points for discount code for cleaning service or ozone cleaning service by professional cleaners from UNO Service.

 Details   No. of Privilege/Campaign   Point/Privilege
Discount code for Numaid cleaning service 
(worth 500 Baht) 
 150 privileges  150 Smile Points
Discount code for ozone cleaning service
(worth 300 Baht) 
 150 privileges  90 Smile Points

** Service will be in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and Samut Prakan **

Service fee for UNO Service

The members must present the discount code for service reservation via UNO service channels as follows:

1. Call Tel. 02-081-0000 or add Line ID:@NUMAID.
2. Transfer the payment to the account of UNO Service. 
3. Receive the service from cleaners according to the reservation date.


Rules and Conditions of Participation

1. The members can redeem 150 Smile Points for 500-Baht discount code applicable for Numaid cleaning service. A member is entitled to up to 5 privileges/campaign
2. The members can redeem 90 Smile Points for 300-Baht discount code applicable for ozone cleaning service. A member is entitled to up to 5 privileges/campaign
3. The discount code will be valid until 30 December 2020. The service fees are as specified in promotion conditions by UNO Service.
4. The discount cannot be converted into or returned in cash. The discount code can be exercised for cleaning and ozone cleaning services by cleaner team from UNO Service only.
5. In case the service fee is lower than the discount value, the remaining amount cannot be returned in cash or exercised for a further service.
6. The Company reserves the right not to accept the service cancellation or return redeemed points after the members already confirm the service reservation and receive the confirmation from UNO Service.
7. Accumulated Smile Points are only a symbol used for claiming the privilege to participate in Muang Thai Smile Club activities which are arranged for building relations with customers who apply for Muang Thai Smile Club membership.
8. Staff and agents of Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL can participate in this campaign.
9. Employees and agents of the Company can exercise the privilege.
10. Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL and UNO Service reserve the right to change the service conditions without prior notice. For more information about discount code redemption, call Tel. 1766, 24/7.

Redemption Information

Campaign Period
1 April 2020 – 30 December 2020
Special Privileges for

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