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Dyson 2023 Resize 750x780 Px Cover Mobile



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Special Privilege for Muang Thai Smile Club Members

Muang Thai Smile Club members are entitled to redeem points for DYSON products.
1. Dyson TP00 P cool    (worth 13,900 Baht) 4,600 points (Out of stock)
2. Dyson HD08 Supersonic™  (worth 16,900 Baht) 5,600 points (Out of stock)
3. Dyson Airwrap™   (worth 21,900 Baht) 7,200 points  (Out of stock)
4. Dyson detect slim SV30 V12    (worth 27,500 Baht) 7,900 points (Out of stock)
5. Dyson detect Absolute SV22 V15   (worth 30,500 Baht) 8,900 points (Out of stock)
6. Dyson Supersonic DY PC HD15 SS Nk/Co (worth 17,900 Baht) 5,600 points

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Download MTL Click Application click here
How to redeem accumulated points click here

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