The Company for Forward Thinking People

The Company operates its business to serve the people in the Kingdom of Thailand with commitment to continuously provide excellent customer service that fulfills the needs of customers and people. Therefore, the Company differentiates itself by developing different distribution channels based on “Multi Distribution Channels, Multi Targets” marketing strategy that the Company continues to implement and, as a result, establishes a variety of steady channels.

As the Company expands to reach multiple target segments, it cooperates with various experienced business partners to help supporting the expansion of business. The Company has joined forces with Fortis Insurance International N.V. (recently known as Ageas Insurance International N.V.), which is an important strategic alliance. Ageas is a partner with global standard and great expertise in the life insurance and financial industry, who introduces modern technology to improve the efficiency of the Company’s system. In 2009, the Company tightened hands with Kasikornbank Public Company Limited, where the Bank has increased its shareholding proportion in the Company, to develop a full sales of Bancassurance Channel and enhance capacities in other areas of the business. In October 2012, the Company has converted into public company limited in order to support further business growth and strengthen the organization.

Another major policy of the Company, which is the most outstanding strength, is its identity as the brand of happiness and smile. The intention is to change the attitude of the consumers toward life insurance business and enhance customer relationship management (CRM) via activities. As a result, Muang Thai Smile Club was established to hold activities for customers all over the year to reinforce its leadership in CRM activities and in services for Forward Thinking People.

When it comes to operating its business, the Company strictly adheres to professional moral, ethical values and the principle of corporate governance. These sets of values are at the heart of the Company’s business practices. Moreover, the Company has concern on social responsibility and takes part in improving society by focusing on the distribution of supports and development in various dimensions, which are society, environment, arts & cultures, and education.

The Company still commits to move forward as insurance company with continuous strength and stability to be worthy of its corporate slogan of “The Company for Forward Thinking People.”