Life Insurance

Because stability in life is what everyone wants We therefore have various types of life insurance.
So our customers can live life happily Worry-free

Health Insurance

D Health Plus Coverage

Get It Easily and Be Covered to the Max

Only feeling sick for a bit, don't wait until it gets worse! Gen Z, even at a young age, can get sick. Plan to deal with health risks with D Health Plus from Muang Thai Life Assurance.

Elite Health Plus

Get health coverage you need with Elite Health Plus Rider from Muang Thai Life Assurance

Choose superior protection as needed. With health coverage Elite Health Plus from Muang Thai Life Assurance. Confidence in every treatment covering common diseases disease at every stage and epidemic.

Mao Chai Extra Campaign

Inclusive care regardless of welfare

Why do you have to be worried about medical expenses even in time of sickness? Regardless of welfare, stay happy with health coverage from Mao Chai Extra Campaign from Muang Thai Life Assurance.

D Kids Plus Campaign

The important beginning of development is your children’s health.

A solid first step is the beginning of strong growth. Your children’s health issue must be well planned for them to make the most of their life. Protect your children from now on with D Kids Plus from Muang Thai Life Assurance. We provide lump sum coverage up to 5 million Baht*.

Extra Care Plus Campaign

Top up on your existing welfare

If you don't have enough welfare, just top up with the Extra Care Plus project from Muang Thai Life Assurance. Health insurance that complements insufficient medical expenses benefits Wholesale coverage. 

OPD Per Time and OPD Maochai

OPD Per Time Rider and OPD Maochai Rider

Don't worry about expenses anymore. You can now be covered even without being hospitalized. Whether it is a major or minor disease, rest assured every time you see your doctor with OPD Per Time Rider and OPD Maochai Rider. 

Life Protection

Muang Thai Happy Return 99/7

Pay 7 years for coverage until attaining the age of 99

Prepare the future for your loved ones and bring them financial security. Provide your child the income with cash bonus throughout the contract period, and life coverage that can be passed on from generation to generation for a stable and healthy life.

Muang Thai Smart Protection 99/20

Hundreds Baht of Premium with Coverage Worth Millions(1)

"Unexpected Events Happen all the Time" Security will help your family and loved ones overcome obstacles easily. Don’t take life security for granted. Let’s receive coverage worth millionsfrom today by paying only hundreds Baht.

We truly realize the seniors still wish to live their lives the fullest. We offer the insurance plan with life and accident coverage which helps lighten the burden of medical treatment expenses due to accident with life coverage.

Muang Thai Wai Gao AunJai HaiHuang (for seniors) Campaign

Great value for seniors, get 3 protections

ใช้ชีวิตในวัยเก๋าอย่างสบายใจ แฮปปี้กับกิจกรรมที่ทำ ด้วยแบบประกันที่คุ้มครองครอบคลุม 3 ความคุ้มครอง กับ โครงการ เมืองไทย วัยเก๋า อุ่นใจหายห่วง (เพื่อผู้สูงอายุ) จากเมืองไทยประกันชีวิต ที่คุ้มครองทั้งชีวิต อุบัติเหตุ และ สุขภาพ คุ้มครองชีวิต

Phuea Khumkhrong Talot Chip 99/1 (No Cash Bonus)

Option to Pass on Security from Generation

Why should you plan your legacy with whole life insurance? Because life is uncertain, preparedness is crucial. Phuea Khumkhrong Talot Chip 99/1 Insurance Plan (No Cash Bonus) from Muang Thai Life Assurance, is like legacy insurance. It allows you to choose the sum insured that you want to pass on to your loved ones. With single premium payment, you not only secure lifelong coverage but also enjoy tax exemptions on the benefits.

Khumkhrong Talot Chip 99/99 (Premier)

Build “High Protection” with “Small Money”

On the day you need to leave…your accomplishments will endure, if you prepare to pass on legacy to your loved ones thoughtfully. Pass on stability with whole life insurance or legacy insurance, Khumkhrong Talot Chip 99/99 (Premier) from Muang Thai Life Assurance.

Muang Thai Premier Legacy

Pass On the Wealth from One One Generation

“Legacy Planning” through Muang Thai Premier Legacy whole life insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance in which you can be confident that your wealth will be properly accumulated.

Savings Insurance

Muang Thai Smart Linked Pro 10/1 (Global)

Pay single premium and receive cash bonus every year.

Secure investment through a new form of life insurance which guarantees cash bonus every year. You will not lose the paid premium and get an opportunity to receive upside gain through Citi Global Multi Asset USD VT 5 Series 3 Index managed by Citi expertss

Muang Thai Smart Linked 15/3 (Global)

Guaranteed annual cash bonus with opportunity to receive dividends

Allow you to have access to investments in the global index "GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset 5S ER Index" with starting premium of only 20,000 Baht to build opportunity to gain better returns, protected paid premiums regardless of economic volatility.

Muang Thai Easy Plan 11/1

return more value than before

วางแผนหาตัวช่วยลดความเสี่ยงตั้งแต่วันนี้ ด้วย แบบประกันภัย เมืองไทย อีซี่ แพลน 11/1 จากเมืองไทยประกันชีวิต ตอบโจทย์คนยุคใหม่

Muang Thai Perfect Saving 11/5

Perfect your tax planning

เริ่มต้นวางแผนอนาคตให้มั่นคง ที่ให้ครบทั้งเงินออมและลดหย่อนภาษีได้ กับ เมืองไทย เพอร์เฟค เซฟวิ่ง 11/5 จากเมืองไทยประกันชีวิต ออมสั้น 5 ปี คุ้มครองนาน 11 ปี รับเงินจ่ายคืนทุกรอบ 2 ปีกรมธรรม์ 

Muang Thai Smart Linked 15/6 (Global) Campaign

3-in-1 policy offering life coverage

A new 3-in-1 policy offering life coverage, guaranteed cash bonus and upside gain from dividend through GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset 5S ER Index regardless of economic situation

Muang Thai Super Saver 25/16

Simply Saving(1) with Annual Cash Bonus

"It is easy to make savings!" Build  your financial planning and saving discipline from today with an endowment insurance plan "Muang Thai Super Saver 25/16" from Muang Thai Life Assurance.

Personal Accident

Smart Lady PA

Accident insurance plan for modern women

Accident insurance specially selected for women offering protection for both minor or major accident.

PA Safety

Cope with all Injuries

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, so be prepared for the risks that will occur with PA Safety, accident insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance. In the event of death, disability or organ loss from public accidents.

PA Take Care

Receive compensation for inpatient hospitalization due to accident

Accidents can happen anytime which you might loss income from hospitalization. PA Take Care will support you to still having income regardless of taking leaves.

PA Return Cash

Uninterrupted income through injuries, plus no claim bonus.

Accident insurance with no claim bonus. Ideal for the value-conscious. Get benefit when injured.


Fine Trip with Protection

"Medical Expense is a Real Nightmare” Be prepared for all unexpected events with PA Go Campaign.

PA Extreme

Max up your coverage for your lifestyle

Have fun to the max. Complete with your favorite extreme sports, whether boxing, diving, jet skiing, parachute, etc., they are covered 24 hours a day worldwide with PA Extreme accident insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance. 

PA Broken Bone

Lessen the worries about any injuries and the case of broken bones

Any parts of the body can be injured from accidents. Since dangers are inevitably everywhere, PA Broken Bone can help provide inclusive coverage for every injury, including cases of broken bones, burns, scalds, and internal organ injuries from accidents.

Life and Critical Illness Insurance

D Care CI Rider

Protection as You Wish

How good would it be if you can customize your own CI coverage and medical expenses from the early stage to the late stage? With D Care CI Rider, you can select the groups of illnesses, be it the cancer group.

CI Perfect Care Rider

Care for those with critical illness since early stages

"Because critical illnesses require consistent care,” this insurance plan answers the needs arising from 36 critical illnesses for peace of mind, covering early, middle, and late stages, be it Alzheimer's Disease or Aplastic Anemia. 

Care Plus Coverage

Plus Coverage for Cancer and Chronic Kidney Failure in Every Stage

Critical illness insurance is designed to take care of cancer and chronic kidney failure in every stage. You don’t have to worry about medical expenses with coverage up to 10 million Baht*

Multiple CI Rider

Maximum 400%(1) coverage for critical illnesses

Because critical illnesses are more than you can think of, stay equipped with the Multiple CI Rider which covers all 4 types of 35 critical illnesses, including coverage for heart transplant, major organ transplant, bone marrow transplantation, etc.

Kids Care

Kids Care Critical Illness Rider

Don’t let diseases hurt your loved ones. Baby's health is the top priority for all parents, whether it is a common childhood disease or unforeseen critical illness. 

Pure Cancer Rider

Cancer is not something rare

Cancer… a serious disease that everyone It is possible and closer than you think. Be prepared with more confidence with an additional contract, Pure Cancer
from Muang Thai Life Assurance that provides cancer protection Since the range is not aggressive,
Detect, receive a sum of money for immediate treatment. Ready to pay comfortable premiums

Health problems and accidents found in the elderly are things that need attention and should not be overlooked, especially, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease that tend to be found more frequently, as well as unexpected accidents.

Retirement Plan

Muang Thai Return Retire Campaign

Happy retirement with the maximum of 520%(1) annuity

"Enjoy post-retirement income without working" from the maximum annuity of 520%. Just apply for Muang Thai Return Retire and receive 20% annuity each year. Pay premium for only 5 years and get life coverage before retirement of up to 150%. Get ready to enjoy your happy retirement!

Muang Thai 9960 (Tax Deductible)

Affordable premium entitled to tax deduction for several years(1)

"How to be happy after retirement?" Because you can design your later period of life, start planning today with Muang Thai 9960 (Tax Deductible), the insurance plan that could help you plan your future from Muang Thai Life Assurance.

Muang Thai 9901 D65 (Tax Deductible)

Plan for a Good Life for a Happy Retirement

Have you designed your life after retirement? What kind of retirement would you like to live? And how much money do you need?
Let's start building the retirement of your dreams to become real with one-time savings in life insurance for guaranteed annuity until the age of 99.

Group Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Let's Give Your Employees Welfare

Several excellent insurance for the best welfare for your employees protecting health, life, accident, critical illness.

SME 20 plus


"เติมเต็มสวัสดิการให้พนักงานในองค์กรของคุณ" การให้ความคุ้มครองสุขภาพของพนักงาน เป็นส่วนสำคัญที่ช่วยสร้างขวัญกำลังใจที่ดีให้แก่พนักงานในกรณีเกิดเหตุไม่คาดฝัน ไม่ว่าจะสุขภาพหรืออุบัติเหตุ มั่นใจได้ว่าพนักงานของคุณจะได้รับการดูแลที่ดีและใช้ชีวิตได้อย่างไร้กังวัล

Small Group & Housekeeping Package


โครงการประกันกลุ่มเพื่อสวัสดิการ สำหรับธุรกิจรายย่อยและลูกจ้างในบ้าน นายจ้างสบายใจ ลูกจ้างมั่นใจ คุ้มครอง ทั้งผู้ป่วยใน และผู้ป่วยนอก นายจ้างซื้อ ให้เป็นสวัสดิการ หรือลูกจ้างในบ้าน ตั้งแต่ 2 คนขึ้นไปซื้อเองก็ได้

โครงการเมืองไทย Employee Top-Ups


สิทธิพิเศษเฉพาะลูกค้าประกันกลุ่ม ซื้อประกันรายบุคคลสำหรับตนเองและสมาชิกครอบครัว พร้อมเบี้ยประกันอัตราพิเศษตลอดอายุสัญญา



More Coverage, Worthier Life

Everyone has the same amount of time. For an activity you choose to do, you must choose the one you can enjoy better in a way that you can design, whether it is spending time with your family, singing, having a dream job, or exercising. 


Happiness by Design

ประกันชีวิตควบการลงทุนที่ออกแบบมาให้ยืดหยุ่น วางแผนการเงินได้หลากหลาย ตอบโจทย์ทุกจังหวะของชีวิต อุ่นใจมากขึ้นด้วยสัญญาเพิ่มเติมสุขภาพ

mGrow 615

Short premium payment 6 years, long coverage 15 years

Steadily grow your portfolio of life with unit-linked insurance. Pay premium for only 6 years to receive 15-year coverage period.


one time payment Plus future stability

Provide future security for you and your family, life coverage, and return that match your style, together with coverage and investment opportunit.


one time payment Life protection + long term investment

Life coverage and investment in one product! Pay once for coverage and investment until attaining the age of 99 Year.

Muang Thai Takaful

A safe choice for you and security for your beloved ones

Savers will not be poor

Worthier, Better Coverage

How can you be sure that your beloved ones can live without you?

Receive worthwhile Hibah and distinctive coverage

Receive coverage from short-term savings

Takaful Khumkhrong

Talot Chip 95/20

Worthwhile security for the ease of family

Able to handle any kinds of accidents

Muangthai Universal Life

Muangthai UL Plus

Life insurance which completely fulfills your needs

Life insurance which completely fulfills your needs, guarantees 4%* of minimum return rate in the first year, allows you to choose high coverage and creates long-term financial plan as a legacy, and provides tax deduction benefit.


For beginners, you need to consider coverage and benefits that you need as to have the right insurance plan.
- Coverage in case of death
- Coverage for OPD
- Coverage for room fee and medical expenses in case of hospitalization (IPD)
- Coverage for accident
- Coverage for critical illnesses
Moreover, you have to consider about cash bonus during contract, premium payment period, and your budget.

You can contact agents of Muang Thai Life Assurance or visit any branches of Kasikornbank to get some advice about the right insurance plan at free of charge.

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