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Pa Return Cash Forweb 720x800

PA Return Cash

Uninterrupted income through injuries, plus no claim bonus.

Apply from age<br>6 - 63 years<sup>(9)</sup>

Apply from age
6 - 63 years(9)

Annual Premium

Annual Premium

No health check up<sup>(4)</sup>

No health check up(4)

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Accident insurance with no claim bonus. Ideal for the value-conscious.
Get benefit when injured...In case of hospitalization due to an accident, receive
compensation and a maximum medical expense coverage of 100,000 Baht each time.
Cash returns for no claims...Enjoy a partial refund if there are no claims for 3 years.(5)

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• Premium is partially eligible for tax deduction. Conditions are as specified by the Revenue Department.
(1) Coverage 24/7 worldwide in 1 year.
(2) Benefits in case of dismemberment and others including loss of eyesight or hearing or speech shall be in accordance with the percentage stated in the policy.
(3) The Company will pay daily benefit while the insured is being hospitalized of up to 365 days per each injury.
(4) Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
(5) In case the insured renews the policy for 3 consecutive years from the effective date and every other 3 years afterward; if the insured has never exercised benefit, the insured would receive benefit equals to premium paid for the last policy year.
(6) In case of public accident.
(7) In case of receive medical treatment due to accident at network hospitals.
(8) The insured may not receive the benefits under Item 4 if the insured renews the policy until the insured’s age exceeds the insurable age, resulting in the policy not being renewed for 3 consecutive years.
(9) The policy can be renewed until age of 65 and provides coverage until age of 66.

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