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Health Insurance in Thailand Mb

Health Insurance

You can’t choose the illness you will have, but the right coverage is your choice. No matter what generation you are or what lifestyle you have, you can have the right health coverage. MTL offers you a wide range of health coverage personalized for you and your loved ones. You can have medical treatment without worries about expenses. The benefits cover room and medication fees as well as medical expenses for minor or major illnesses including epidemics, critical illnesses, general diseases, Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) and accident! Choose the health coverage of your choice now.

FAQs Health Insurance

Overall, life and health can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Ordinary life and health insurance
    Coverage for expenses divided according to the coverage schedule. if room fee, doctor fee, surgery fee or other medical expenses exceed the coverage, you are responsible for the difference.
  2. Lump sum life and health insurance
    Medical expenses are covered under the limit of the insurance plan per year, not per time. The medical expenses must not exceed the limit and conditions set by the Company.

In this regard, to buy the right life and health insurance, buyers are recommended to consider benefits, covered diseases and disease-specific care.

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