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"Fulfill Welfare for Your Employees" Health coverage builds morale of your employees to cover unexpected illness or accident. Muang Thai SME 20 Plus Group Insurance provides your employees with good care and makes them live worry-free. The insurance covers health and accident, and is fit for medium sized enterprise with 20-100 employees. Moreover, you can purchase additional coverages for OPD, dental care, critical illness; and life coverage will be 3 times in case of death from public accident.


Provide 24 hours local and worldwide coverage for death caused by illness or injury. Upon the death of the insured member, the Company shall pay the sum insured amount to the beneficiary or the heir of insured member.

Coverage is provided for death or dismemberment due to accidents, including those resulting from riding or travelling as passenger on a motorcycle, which directly cause the insured’s death or dismemberment within 180 days counting from the date of the accident

1.Group Accident Insurance GA. 2

2.Group Disability Rider

    Disability Insurance due to accident or illness (TPDI)

3.Group CI Rider

   Group Health Insurance


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Group life Insurance Health Insurance

Let's Give Your Employees Welfare

Group Life Insurance

Several excellent insurance for the best welfare for your employees protecting health, life, accident, critical illness.

Group life Insurance Health Insurance

More Than Welfare for Employees

Muang Thai SME 20 Plus

Not only health, dental care and accident coverages, but employees can choose several special services such as Best Doctors, Global Connect.

Group life Insurance Health Insurance

Muang Thai SME Smile

Muang Thai SME Smile

Group life Insurance

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