Muang Thai Life Assurance Give the blanket to "Hom Rak Project"


Hom Rak 3

Mr. Sara Lamsam, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (2nd from left), Mrs. Phitaporn Bunyaraphan Senior Vice President (1st from left), Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited, donated blankets to "Hom Love Project", 300 units, with Dr. Arunachapanupan, Managing Director of Broadcaster Thai Television Company Limited and the director of Hom Rak Project (3rd from left) as the recipient. By giving this blanket as part of "Cozy project with Muang Thai Life Insurance" and is an activity that Organized according to the company policy that conducts business in parallel with the activities to continuously return profits to society. The said event was held at the Thai Life Insurance Headquarters.