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Cover Anti Corruption Policy 715 388

1. Principles and reasons

       Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited is aware of the importance of business operation and management which need to be conducted based on an integrity, transparency, and responsibilities to society and all stakeholders according to the good corporate governance. Therefore, the Company has formulated this Anti-Corruption Policy with a purpose of prohibition on any kinds of corruption. Directors, executives, employees as well as a third party relating to the Company, either for benefits of the Company or oneself, family, friends, or acquaintances, must not commit corruption. The Company does not allow any kinds of corruption including the corruption in businesses and responsible work units, and all transactions in every country. At the same time, the Company has formulated procedures for anti-corruption in detail. In order to comply with this Policy, the Company shall review the procedures regularly to be suitable with the business operation and comply with the laws. In this regard, directors, executives, and employees are all required to comply with this Policy.

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