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       Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited ("the Company"), as the country's leading life insurance business operator, is aware of roles, duties, and responsibilities for the use of resources and energy along with its intent to alleviate the impact of climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from operations, and integrate environmental and energy management systems. To achieve maximum efficiency in sustainable environmental and energy conservation, the Company deems it appropriate to revoke the Notification No. 104/2561 (2018) Re: Environmental Policy and launch Environmental and Energy Conservation Policy as the guidelines for employees. The Company’s operations are as follows:

              1. Apply environmental and energy management systems in accordance with international standards and define them as a part of the organization's operations to comply with applicable laws and requirements.
              2. Set goals and roadmaps towards reducing resource and energy consumption, as well as systematically reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
              3. Provide the necessary support, including human resources, budget, time, training, and comments for environmental and energy development.
              4. Annually review the management system, goals, plans, and effectiveness of environmental and energy conservation to suit the nature of the organization's operations and to support innovation to achieve continuous development and improvement.
              5. Communicate to raise awareness of environmental and energy conservation for all employees.
              6. It is the responsibility of executives at all levels and all employees to strictly follow the measures in the environmental and energy conservation, including monitoring, investigating, and continuously improving the operations by properly identifying and reviewing the achievements of objectives and goals.

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