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Let’s Find out Warning Sign of Colorectal Cancer!

Let’s Find out Warning Sign of Colorectal Cancer!

Beware if you often have diarrhea alternating with constipation because they may increase the risk of colorectal cancer, whether it is small intestine cancer or colon cancer. The cancer is considered a silent danger that you should be careful of as it may be detected when it is too late. Colorectal cancer can happen at any age, especially working age. Health insurance and critical illness insurance are therefore an important option you should consider.

Colorectal cancer is most often detected at an advanced stage which causes a high risk of death. Today, we recommend that you better come to check the warning signs of colorectal cancer: small intestine cancer and colon cancer. Does critical illness insurance cover the cancer? After the cancer is cured, can you buy an insurance? Let’s find out!

What causes colorectal cancer?

What causes colorectal cancer?

Don’t ignore the abnormal stomach pain. Colorectal cancer may have similar symptoms to gastritis, but it is terribly dangerous if the patients are not treated properly. Small intestine cancer and colon cancer are silent dangers that show no symptoms and can happen at any age. However, in most cases, colorectal cancer is found in people aged 50 years and over. Colorectal cancer is most often detected at an advanced stage which causes a high risk of death, so you better get critical illness insurance before you get sick. From a survey, it is found that, in Thailand, there are 11,496 new colorectal cancer patients per year, with 6,845 deaths per year, following liver cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.

At present, it has not yet been determined what actually causes colorectal cancer, but it is believed that most cases are caused by genetic inheritance, lifestyle habits and environments. Risk groups for colorectal cancer can be divided as follows:

Who is at risk for colorectal cancer? 

  • Consuming meats, especially red meats, and high-fat and low-fiber foods;
  • Drinking alcoholic beverage and smoking;
  • Frequently experiencing stomach pain, irritated intestines or chronic intestinal inflammation;
  • Aging 50 years and over;
  • Having family history of colorectal cancer;

Symptoms of colorectal cancer

Symptoms of colorectal cancer

As mentioned, both colon cancer and small intestine cancer most often show symptoms once they have reached the advanced stage, but we can observe the symptoms of colon and small intestine cancer ourselves. If the cancer is in the intestines, abnormalities then occur in the excretory system. We can easily observe the symptoms as follows:

  • Diarrhea, constipation or feeling bloated;
  • Abnormal excretion;
  • Diarrhea alternating with constipation;
  • Bright or very dark red blood in the stool;
  • The shape of the stool is lean and longer than normal;
  • Abdominal discomfort, including burning pain;
  • Indigestion and muscle spasms;
  • Weight loss for unknown reasons, even consuming foods in the same amount;
  • Easily feeling fatigued;
  • Anemia.

How to prevent colorectal cancer?

How to prevent colorectal cancer?

Colon cancer or small intestinal cancer can happen to everyone, especially people who don’t usually take care of their health, including having daily habits which degrade the body and increase the risk of cancer, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, often eating grilled food, not exercising, not resting enough and accumulated stress. We should avoid colorectal cancer by changing your own habits as follows:

  • Avoid high-fat and grilled foods.
  • Eat high-fiber foods.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Screen for colon cancer by endoscopy.
  • Receive annual health checkup.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • You are suggested to not hold back your stool.

After the cancer is cured, can I buy an insurance?

After the cancer is cured, can I buy an insurance?

Health insurance or cancer insurance is another option that answers everyone's needs. In addition to helping lighten the burden of medical expenses, we would be able to receive the preferred treatments. Most of you probably knows that health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions: congenital diseases, chronic diseases or critical illnesses, so, you might be wondering: After the cancer is cured, can I buy an insurance? 

If you are diagnosed with cancer before purchasing a health insurance or cancer insurance, you cannot apply for the health insurance. However, for anyone who had cancer before but had received treatment until it is completely cured, they are able to apply for health insurance, but you may have to pay higher insurance premiums than usual, depending on the conditions of each company. Before purchasing any insurance, you should inform us that you had cancer before.

Therefore, having health insurance and cancer insurance before getting sick is very important. Buying health insurance when we are still healthy will provide you full coverage as it does not cover pre-existing conditions. It may be too late if you decide to buy it when you are sick.

It can be seen that colorectal cancer can happen at any time and at any age. No one wants cancer, of course, but we have to admit that, no matter how well we take care of ourselves, the disease cannot be controlled 100% because of many factors that may cause cancer or other critical illnesses at any time.

Therefore, you should avoid the risk by getting a cancer insurance, Care Plus from Muang Thai Life Assurance, take care of cancer treatment costs at all stages. Care Plus covers modern treatment methods, including targeted therapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplant and both IPD and OPD with coverage of 5 million Baht per year and premium per day of less than 8 Baht.*

✔️ Coverage for cancer and chronic kidney failure in every stage including IPD and OPD benefits of 5 million Baht per year*

✔️ You can choose critical illness coverage whether for cancer or chronic kidney failure. Special! If you choose both, the premiums will be reduced by up to 10%.

✔️ ️Coverage for modern treatment methods for cancer and chronic kidney failure, such as targeted therapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplant, online hemodiafiltration and kidney (renal) transplantation 

✔️ Special additional coverage for psychiatric consultations, room, medicines and treatments from the beginning.

✔️ Coverage for recurrence of the disease. The entry age is from 30 days - 80 years with long term coverage until the age of 99 years.

Purchase today for 6-month installments with 0% interest or cashback up to 13%.

More information

☑️ Call Tel. 1766, available 24/7.

☑️ Contact life insurance agent or Kasikornbank branches.

*For 35-year-old healthy male insured who chooses cancer and chronic kidney failure coverage with coverage plan of 5 million Baht and annual premium payment mode

  • Medical service fee for treatment of cancer and/or chronic renal failure; coverage payment for the treatment is as specified by the Company.
  • Coverage period of the rider must not exceed coverage period of life insurance policy that this rider is attached to.
  • Premium is eligible for tax deduction according to the Revenue Department.
  • Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
  • Conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL and the bank.
  • Conditions are according to medical standard and necessity.
  • Please study details of coverage, conditions and exclusions before making a decision to apply for insurance.

Sources:  data retrieved on 17/08/2023

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