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 “Mohpromt” Register for COVID-19 Vaccination in Just a Few Easy Steps

“Mohpromt” Register for COVID-19 Vaccination in Just a Few Easy Steps

May 13, 2021

5 minutes

From the COVID-19 situation, vaccination seems to be the best way to control the spread of the infection because it helps reduce severe illnesses and death rate. At this time, people have been gradually vaccinated, and people can register for vaccination reservations via Line Official Account (Line OA) and the mobile application "Mohpromt" to facilitate people who need the vaccination. Register at any time in just a few steps.

3 things you must “prepare” before registering

3 things you must “prepare” before registering

The first round of registration for “Mohpromt” is available from 1-31 May 2021 or until the vaccines arrive. The COVID 19 vaccination is ready from 7 June 2021 onwards when AstraZeneca vaccines are available.

To register, it is necessary to look at 3 elements together:

1. Must be in a list of target groups of vaccine recipients (whitelist). The hospitals providing the service must have already submitted information to the central Ministry of Public Health only.

2. The chosen location where the vaccination will take place is the place where your vaccination right is submitted according to No. 1 (can be more than 1 place). The place must state "Open for Vaccination Slots" which are the rights of each hospital.

3. Register via Line OA “Mohpromt” or mobile application “Mohpromt” by yourself, or you can allow someone else to register on your behalf. If you are in the target group of vaccine recipients (whitelist) and are unable to register via the mobile system, you can contact directly with the hospital where you regularly receive treatments or the Sub-District Health Promotion Hospital (SHPH) and contact Village Health Volunteers.

For those eligible to register for "Mohpromt" in the first round, the Ministry of Public Health has prioritized the risk groups to reduce severe illness and death rate from COVID-19 who are:

  • Group of people having the following 7 chronic diseases: severe chronic respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and poorly controlled asthma, cardiovascular disease, stage-5 chronic kidney disease (end stage), stroke, all types of cancer undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, diabetes and obesity (weight > 100 kilograms or BMI > 35 kilograms per square meter) of 4.3 million people
  • Elderly group aged 60 years and over of 11.7 million people

Steps for using Mohpromt LINE Official Account

Steps for using Mohpromt LINE Official Account 

Mohpromt LINE Official Account play an important role assisting us before and after the COVID-19 vaccination. The process is simple, not complicated and convenient. You can follow the following steps:

1. Add Mohpromt LINE Official Account or scan Mohpromt QR code.

2. Register as a Mohpromt user by filling in your first name, last name, ID card number, laser ID, and date of birth and save the data. For old version of ID cards, verify your identity with your phone number. If you do not pass the identity verification, please contact the hospital or Mohpromt information service center in order to correct the telephone number information.

3. If there is no information in the system, choose “Target Group” > fill in your information > press Save.

4. If you wish to register for someone in your family, visit the menu “Edit information and other services” > press “Add another person” > specify relationship > fill in first name, last name, ID card number and other details > press Save. After that, the screen will display the registration confirmation.

5. Once registered, you then can reserve the vaccination date by pressing the menu “Reserve COVID-19 vaccination” > press “Reserve” > press “Exercise the right” > complete screening form before receiving the vaccine > press Save. Mohpromt will record your screening information.

6. Check the screening form and consent form for the vaccination service > press “Consent” > specify the convenient date for vaccination > select province and hospital and specify date and time > press Confirm. Mohpromt will confirm the appointment.

7. If you want to change your vaccination appointment date, press the menu “Reservation information for 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccination” > press “Change reservation” > select a hospital and new date and time > press Confirm. Mohpromt will confirm a new appointment for you, and you will be notified 1 day before the appointment date.

8. After vaccination, you will receive a confirmation message and notification of side effects that may occur and a reminder to do an assessment of adverse reactions 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days after the vaccination, as well as a reminder to receive the second dose of vaccination and a reminder to do an assessment after the second dose of vaccination 1 day, 7 days and 30 days after the vaccination.

9. When you have been vaccinated by both shots, you will receive COVID-19 vaccination certificate and QR Code to verify the correctness.


Clip explaining the steps for using Mohpromt LINE Official Account v.2

For people who are not convenient to register via the Application and Mohpromt LINE Official Account or those who live in other provinces and rural areas, there will be a village health volunteer in your area to survey the information. Otherwise, you can declare your intention at the nearby Sub-District Health Promotion Hospital. The information from these two channels is also entered into the Mohpromt system database. If you have any questions or problems using Mohpromt, you can contact us at Mohpromt information service center by call Tel. 02-792-2333, available every day from 09.00-17.00 hrs. or can update information on Mohpromt Facebook Page.

After registering, don't forget to look for health insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance for peace of mind in situations like this as it covers epidemics, critical illnesses, common diseases and accidents, including COVID-19 and allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines! Start receiving the coverage from today - 31 December 2021 to take care of your health until you turn 99 years old. The entry age is 11 - 80 years, and you can also choose the amount of coverage from 200,000 - 100,000,000 Baht per year. Choose the great value coverage from health insurance of your choice.

Please study the details of coverage, conditions, and exclusions before making a decision to purchase insurance.

Source: Ministry of Public Health, Praram 9 Hospital, Mohpromt Facebook

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