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M.L. Parsans’ Plan to Mitigate Risks and Secure a Stable Future for His Daughters

M.L. Parsans’ Plan to Mitigate Risks and Secure a Stable Future for His Daughters

"There are two things in my life that make me happy: my dream job, which is food tasting, and most important, my family, my two daughters."

For M.L. Parsan Sawasdiwat, food is his happiness. His passion for food has led him to a long career in this field, traveling around the country to discover delicious dishes. He continues the legacy of his father’s "Shell Shuan Shim," which has been present for over 60 years. This passion for food and travel has also been passed on to his two daughters. M.L. Parsan is committed to supporting their dreams and passions as his children are his happiness.

Happy in both work and fatherhood

Waking up every day to work happily makes me feel incredibly fortunate. "Many people say I’m very lucky because my work revolves around food as my job is about eating and traveling. Currently, my main job involves filming TV shows, along with being a brand ambassador for food products. What I’m most proud of is continuing my father’s legacy, Shell Shuan Shim. Every job I do brings me happiness."

Beyond his professional role, the role of being a father also brings immense joy to M.L. Parsan. "Aside from my work related to food, I have another role, which is being a father. My eldest loves traveling and sometimes works abroad. The younger one unexpectedly developed a passion for cooking and now aspires to be a chef.”

"My parenting style is to give them complete freedom, allowing them to make their own decisions while I support them from a distance. That’s what we can provide for our children."

Planning life to mitigate risks to not leave the burden to children

The fact that he wishes to provide his daughters ongoing support has led M.L. Parsan to prepare himself and plan his life so as not to burden his children in the future. "Nowadays, I prepare myself as well. When my parents were alive, my mother had Alzheimer’s and my father had dementia. I was worried because these conditions are hereditary, and I wondered if they would affect me. Today, I therefore prepare myself because I don’t want to be a burden to my children in the future."

...I do believe in insurance...

"One of the things I prepare for is insurance. When I meet with friends, we always share that having life insurance is the right thing to do. Like the English saying goes, we shouldn't put all our eggs in one basket because if it fails, there won’t be anything left. Therefore, we should have a plan to mitigate future risks. I chose to plan with life insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance, the company that I trust, giving me peace of mind that my loved ones will be well taken care of."

"I’ve planned to manage the risks and secure my children's future with ShieldLife from Muang Thai Life Assurance."

ShieldLife, for you to feel relieved when you leave, by Muang Thai Life Assurance

- Choose coverage amount as needed.

- Able to pay insurance premiums in either short-term or long-term

- Entry age is up to 90 years.

For more information:

☑️ Call Tel. 1766, available 24/7.

☑️ If interested, contact life insurance agents or Kasikornbank and Land and Houses Bank branches.

  • In case the beneficiary is not specified in the policy, or specified but the beneficiary predeceases or dies simultaneously with the insured, the Company will pay benefits to the insured’s estate.
  • ShieldLife is a marketing name of whole life, term life and universal life insurance.
  • Coverage conditions are as specified in the insurance policy.
  • Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
  • Premium is eligible for tax deduction. Conditions are as specified by the Revenue
  • Please study the details of coverage, conditions and risks before making a decision to purchase insurance.

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