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We aspire to be a strong & No.1 life assurance company

We aspire to be a strong and number 1 life assurance company via product and service innovation, and multi-distribution system to correctly satisfy the needs of all customer groups.

What our company provides



Muang Thai Life Assurance aims to recruit, “develop” and, with best effort, maintain our staff. Under the “forward thinking people” management standard, you will be provided with the remuneration that is appropriate to your responsibilities and specific professional competency “with opportunity to grow in various positions”.

{'Other fringe benefits'}

Other fringe benefits

As we realize that to keep our customers happy and smiling, “all of our staff must be happy and smiling first”. With that in mind, we treat our staff as a member of Muang Thai Life Assurance family. In addition to the welfares provided according to the law, “we provide much more good things to our staff”.

{'Development and career path'}

Development and career path

Muang Thai Life Assurance encourages our staff to undergo development and advancement in their career path. In any functions and departments of the Company, you will be trained to gain “insight knowledge and skills” continuously through standardized training system with open opportunity available in order for everyone to be “fully developed”.

Meet our happy people

Panut Suttinont

Panut Suttinont

Chief Product Officer

Working at MTL allows me to unleash my full potential and provides me with a stepping-stone to grow both professionally and personally. At MTL, we work collectively to democratize our insurance industry and alleviate the mortality protection gap, one of the most critical socioeconomic issues in Thailand.
Teerapol Kaitbanditkul

Teerapol Kaitbanditkul

First Senior Vice President Cashier Department

I’m honored to have worked with a team with a great passion for changing how people feel about the insurance business. I’m glad to have made the premium payment journey for our customers simpler, faster, and smoother through new digital technologies to respond to the cashless society.
Pornprapa Komonsuti

Pornprapa Komonsuti

Executive Vice President Accounting Division

While IFRS is like a common accounting language, MTL is one of the not-so-many companies that dedicate a group of specialists to implement IFRS a decade ago. This is a workplace where IFRS is viewed as being relevant to not only accountants but all colleagues working together with effective cooperation towards the Company’s goals. MTL also has talented professionals in every field, making the adoption of challenging IFRS successful.

Join Our Happiness Team

MTL Agent

Become MTL Agent

Become our business partnership as Muang Thai Life Assurance Agent. You will be your own boss and path to success as an expert in insurance business, more inclusive income and opportunity to have certain financial considerations with awards and prestigious recognitions. Be our success story.

MT Recruitment

Become MTL Staff

Become a part of our happy and smiling team in Muang Thai Life Assurance family. If you would love to invest your talent and potential to make a positive impact and develop your career path. Available various positions to explore your new opportunity are opening now. Join and grow with us.