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Key Term and Conditions


Loan objective

- New construction / repairs / renovation
- Loan to buy apartment
- Refinancing
- Working capital for business expansion

Term and amount

- Maximum loan period of 15 years
- Providing construction costs up to 100%*

Interest rate

- Fixed interest rate throughout the contract period

* Based on actual construction cost but not over 70% of appraisal value of the property.

Service Information

With a special fixed rate offer throughout the contract period from Muang Thai Life Assurance will help you reduce interest rate risk in the event that interest rates fluctuate according to economic conditions. Enabling you to control financial costs and be able to plan your business management better.

Document required for consideration

Copy of identification card of applicant / spouse / guarantor
Copy of applicant's name-surname change certificate
Record business income - expenditure for the past 1 year
Proof of income tax
Statement dating back 6-12 months
Certificate of credit bureau
Financial statements for the past 3 years
Copy of commercial registration or trade registration (if any)
Construction contract / BOQ (if any)
Copy of purchase and sale agreement Or deposit contract (if any)
Copy of title deed, collateral / location map and construction permit
Copy of loan agreement from the original financial institution (in case of Re-Finance)
Copy of mortgage contract (in case of Re-Finance)
Copy of receipt for loan repayment for the past 1 year (in case of Re-Finance)

Installment Table

 Credit Limit Recovery Period (Years)
5 7 10 12 15
5,000,000 97,000 74,000 56,000 49,000 43,000
10,000,000 194,000 147,000 112,000 98,000 85,000
15,000,000 290,000 220,000 167,000 147,000 127,000
20,000,000 387,000 293,000 223,000 196,000 169,000
25,000,000 484,000 366,000 278,000 244,000 211,000
30,000,000 580,000 439,000 334,000 293,000 254,000
50,000,000 967,000 731,000 556,000 488,000 422,000
75,000,000 1,450,000 1,096,000 833,000 732,000 633,000
100,000,000 1,940,000 1,461,000 1,111,000 976,000 844,000


The said installment is calculated from the interest rate of 6% per annum. The company reserves the right to change the loan interest rate according to the conditions and types of each loan facility.

Contact for loan requests / more information

Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited
at the head office credit management department Credit Marketing Team
Tel : 02-274-9400 ext. 2207, 4039, 4498 and 4078
E-mail address : [email protected]

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