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Check qualifications and participating insurance plans 


  • At least 18 years old
  • Holding a policy including a participating product
    (Insurance premiums in all participating products must be at least 2,000 Baht/year)
  • Being an MTL Fit member

Participating insurance plans
Health Rider
1. D Health Rider
2. D Health Rider (N)
3. D Health Plus Rider
4. Elite Health Rider
5. Elite Health Plus Rider
6. Extra Care Rider
7. Extra Care Rider (N)
8. Hospital and Surgical Rider
9. Hospital and Surgical Rider (N)
10. Smart Health Rider
11. Smart Health Rider (N)
12. Lump Sum (Mao Chai) Health Rider
13. Lump Sum (Mao Chai) Health Rider (N)
14. OPD Rider
15. OPD Endorsement
16. OPD Maochai

Critical Illness Rider
1. D Care Rider
2. Multiple CI Rider
3. CI Perfect Care Rider
4. Happy Living Rider
5. Happy Living Takaful Rider
6. Smart Living Rider
7. Cancer Rider
8. Cancer Takaful Rider
9. Pure Cancer Rider
10. Happy Lady Rider
11. Happy Lady Plus Rider
12. Diabetic Rider
13. Care Plus Rider

Interested In

I agree that Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL. Collect and use my personal information above to contact me to offer products and services at I am interested or the company saw that it was beneficial to I have by me to equate the mark In the square is an indication of intent. instead of my consent Signing as evidence. I have read and acknowledged the Privacy Policy.