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Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of your information
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Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries including companies or organizations that control, are controlled or are under control by the Company which may mostly have the same shareholders or directors (hereinafter referred to as “MTL”, “the Company” or “We”) highly respect your privacy and are aware of the responsibilities in relation to collection, use, and disclosure of your personal data and/or delivery, transfer of your personal data to others.

MTL greatly values your trust and confidence in us and is committed to processing and protecting your personal data accurately and appropriately. Therefore, it is also very important to us that you understand about methods and procedures for the collecting, use, processing and disclosure of personal data.

MTL Privacy Policy includes

Types of personal data that MTL collects, uses, processes and/or discloses depends on purpose of your consent. In this regard, MTL aims to collect only personal data necessary or related for compliance with the Laws, entering into a contract and/or receiving service or extra services from MTL. To not provide some type of personal data, grant consent, and/or to revoke consent for collection, use and/or disclosure of data may cause the Company inability to process your request, or provide service to you, or have limited actions.

When you provide any personal data related to third parties to the Company (the third parties shall include, but not limited to, insureds, family members, premium payers, or beneficiaries), you hereby certify and guarantee an accuracy of such personal data. You also certify and guarantee that you have completely informed those parties of the details of this Policy. The following personal data will be collected when you enroll for our services, purchase our products or receive/use any MTL services.

• Personal data from your applications or other forms during registration or filling out to request for MTL’s products/services, such as name-surname, identification card number or other identity card number, phone number, date of birth, gender, postal address, email address, financial data, work history which may include employer’s name and address, health data and signature. However, it depends on applications/forms that you fill out;

• Financial data such as income, source of income, bank account number, tax information, bank account activities, loan details, investment information, credit card details, and details or information about payments;

• Data relating to your offenses such as criminal record, civil record or other offense records, police officer report and related court orders;

• Details about products and/or services that you have received from the Company or other insurance operators such as insurance policy number, sum insured, policy amendment/transactions, premium payment method, premium payment record or loan record, beneficiaries, claims, including exercising of rights under policies, or products or services of the Company or other insurance operators;

• Status about anti-money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism, and bankruptcy, the US law pertaining to a prevention of tax evasion by US natural persons or US entities (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act: FACTA) and Common Reporting Standard: CRS;

• Data about your transactions with MTL such as job application, life insurance agent application, bidding, policy data, policy coverage, premiums, and payment history which includes credit or debit card information, bank account number or other banking or payment information including dates and times of payments, medical history, MTL customer service centers usage history. This depends on type of your transaction;

• Data from your visits to www.muangthai.co.th or other websites or applications that MTL operates, use of websites and applications of MTL, use of social media sites and interactions with online advertisements of MTL such as browser type and version, type of terminal device that you use to access the services (PC, laptop, or smartphone), operating system and platform, IP address of your terminal equipment or device, location, information about the services and products that you view or search;

• Records of your contact with MTL in the forms of customer notes, satisfaction survey, research and statistics, or call recordings, inbound telephone number or voicemail or image recordings (and audio recordings for some cases) through CCTV camera when you contact MTL’s Customer Service Center or contact via VDO call services (both image and audio recordings) as well as any data shared via different media such as SMS, social media applications, FAX, Chat application and emails, etc.;

• Data that you provide to MTL when you request for additional information regarding MTL’s products or services or request that MTL contact you back;

• Contact data and other data, such as your identification card number or other identity card number, phone number, and demographic information given to MTL when you agree to participate in any of our activities, competitions, prize draws, campaign events, or research surveys;

• Data about your social media profile when you use your social media credentials such as Facebook, Twitter, and LINE to login to or interact with MTL services such as your social media account ID, interests, likes, and friend list. You can control this privacy option made available to you by the social media service provider in your social media account setting;

• Data that you provide to the Company when you signup an online account or application account. Generally, these services are designated for the registered owner only. If you choose to allow others, such as members of your family or your agent, to use your account, you should ask them to read this Privacy Policy thoroughly;

• Other personal data which consent is required by laws, the Company will notify you and ask for your consent before collecting data or according to legal period.

ช่องทางติดต่อบริษัทฯ Contact the Company

If you have any questions or inquiries about this Privacy Policy or our handling of your data, please contact:

• Customer Contact Center Tel. 1766
• By mail at Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL 250 Ratchadaphisek Rd. Huaykwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310, address to “Data Protection Office”
• Data protection officer according to the information above

Contact the Authority

If you intend to make complaints or if you feel that the Company cannot properly respond to your concern, you may contact the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission according to the procedure prescribed in Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562.