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Nov 15, 2023 - Sep 30, 2024

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Chivit-D by SCG - Health Product Redemptions

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Special Privilege for Muang Thai Smile Club Members

Muang Thai Smile Club members redeem accumulated Smile Points for health products from Chivit-D by SCG to take care of their health via MTL Click Application.

Redeem Smile Points to shop healthy products from Chivit-D by SCG delivered to your door.

1. Suimi Sleep pillow, size 42 x 63 x 7-15 cm. (Cream color): 700 Smile Points
2. Banala Sense, Sleep Therapy Sound Machine (New model): 800 Smile Points
3. Safe & Sound body pillow 2,400 g.: 350 Smile Points
4. Hanky House Snow Pillow, 50.8 x 76.2 cm.: 250 Smile Points
5. Sabaidee Care Portable Ion Air Purifier (White color): 450 Smile Points
6. Blueair Blue Pure Air Purifier Model 3210 (with Dark-Grey Pre-Filter): 2,000 Smile Points
7. Sabaidee Care MAHASAMUT Ozone Generator: 800 Smile Points
8. Curble Ergonomic Seat support grand (Black color): 600 Smile Points
9. Jviva Home bamboo towel set, 2 pcs.15 x 30 inch & 27×54 inch (Cream color): 250 Smile Points
10. Exeter Wheelchair model X1s (Small wheels 13 inch): 3,200 Smile Points
11. SOMA Wheelchair model CHAM100 Coffee Red (Big wheels 22 inch): 950 Smile Points
12. Exeter Wheelchair model X5 (Big wheels 24 inch): 3,600 Smile Points
13. elife Rollator Walker model EW-21: 1,400 Smile Points
14. MPPC Shower Chair: 550 Smile Points
15. Beurer Upper Arm BPM model BM51 Easy clip: 650 Smile Points
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Campaign Period
- Redemption and Campaign Period: 15 November 2023 – 30 September 2024

Privilege Redemption Limitations:
- Redeem Smile Points for healthy products. A member can redeem up to 2 privileges/product throughout the campaign.

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Download MTL Click Application click here
How to redeem accumulated points click here

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