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Skechers 2024 Resize 750x1000 Px Cover Mobile
Smile Point 30


May 1, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

Redemption Channel

MTL Click

Special Privileges for

Smile CardPrestige CardBeyond Prestige CardThe Ultimate Card

Skechers 2024

Detail En

Redeem 30 Smile Points for 100-Baht discount for shopping at 29 participating Skechers shops.

Up to 5 discount codes/receipt only
*Limited to the maximum discount of 500 Baht/receipt (Limited to 1 person/5 privileges/week, totaling 900 privileges throughout the campaign)
Redeem the privilege via MTL Click Application and present the privilege code at the checkout counter .within 30 minutes (the countdown timer will be displayed)

Redemption Channel En

MTL Click Application
Download MTL Click Application click here
How to redeem accumulated points click here

Redemption Location En

29 participating Skechers shops. Click to find out the branches.  

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