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Fun Trip Down South and Premium Accommodation Promotions; Pack your Bags Now!!!

          It's entering the summer season, let us recommend you a fun trip down south. No matter how hot it is, no worries, as we have accommodation promotions prepared only for Muang Thai Smile Club members and group insurance customers holding Muang Thai HealthCARE card. If you are ready, pack your bags now and make a list of places to visit down south to welcome the summer!

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           Let’s start from “Krabi” Province. In addition to beautiful and crystal clear beaches, there are other beautiful places to visit, including outstanding and unique works of art, such as batik, a local wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation that has been developed and made into products in more modern and fashionable colors, patterns and designs. If you have a chance to visit Krabi, don't forget to buy local batik products as a souvenir. If you like tourism activities in the community, we recommend Thung Yee Peng community, an eco-tourism community on Koh Lanta Island that allows us to sail on a local canoe to catch the sunrise, taste local food and experience the community closely.

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           Next, let’s explore "Phang Nga" Province, adventurers’ favorite. Not only islands in the middle of the sea and beautiful view, there are also fun and exciting adventure activities to do, such as Song Phraek Rafting for adventurers to enjoy the rafting route through rocks and rapids. Besides the rafting, in Phang Nga, there are many other activities for adventurers to do, such as riding ATV through the forest paths, water, rocks and canals or riding an elephant to explore the forest and enjoy the scenery and freshness of nature.

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           End the fun journey south with delicious local Hokkien food in “Phuket”, a province with many local restaurants to choose, whether for stir-fried Hokkien noodles, round yellow noodles stir-fried with seafood and Oh Aew, a famous local dessert made of clear jelly with shaved ice topped with red juice, sweet cold dessert perfect for summer. However, if you are not a foodie but love the underwater world, don't forget to stop by Aquaria Phuket, the largest aquarium in Thailand that allows you to get close to aquatic animals, including taking photos with fish as a souvenir.

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