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Do Not Ignore the Frequent Chest Pain!

Do Not Ignore the Frequent Chest Pain!

September 23, 2022

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For frequent chest pain, you have to differentiate between what type of pain and what disease. For people who have frequent chest pain, tightness or heartburn, they may have wondered whether this symptom was related to heart disease or acid reflux or it is just muscle inflammation. Chest pain is sometimes difficult to distinguish and can be confused with other symptoms. To avoid confusion and relieve doubts, let's find out together.

Chest pain, a risk of heart disease

Chest pain, a risk of heart disease

For chest pain that indicates a risk of heart disease, we can observe the initial symptoms by ourselves. There symptoms usually are tightness, discomfort, tightness as if something is crushing or constricting in the middle of the chest and pain radiating to the neck, jaw, shoulder and arms, especially the left arm. The patients may have fatigue along with shortness of breath, including other symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, sweating, and feeling more tired than usual when exercising, such as, fast walking or running. If you want to stay away from the disease, you should start taking care of yourself by controlling weight and exercising appropriately, and don't forget to go for a heart checkup every year.

If you have a chest pain, watch out for these diseases!

If you have a chest pain, watch out for these diseases!

  • Chest pain that is dull, heavy or tight, like being pressed on by something heavy or squeezing is a risk of coronary artery disease
  • A sharp pain in the chest with an exact point you feel hurt: If it hurts more when you twist or tilt your body, it may be caused by abnormalities of the bones or muscles.
  • A sharp pain in the chest without an exact point you feel hurt: risk of pleurisy or pericarditis; the symptoms may be worse when breathing in and out deeply.
  • Immediate and severe chest pain, similar to being stabbed by a sharp object: a risk of aortic dissection
  • Chest pain, tightness or stabbing pain, along with symptoms of bloating and distension related to meals: a risk of stomach or gallbladder diseases

Take care of your heart with rehabilitation medicine.

Take care of your heart with rehabilitation medicine.

The different types of chest pain often confuse people, leading to not receive treatments in a timely manner. Cardiac rehabilitation with rehabilitation medicine for people with heart and blood vessel problems will help restore the heart's function, along with restoring the mental and emotional state to return to life. Rehabilitation medicine involves two parts of the recovery process: exercise therapy and changing various risk factors to create a good quality of life and to be able to return to living their own lives as normally as possible.

No one wants these symptoms and diseases to happen to them, so you should start taking care of your health to stay away from all diseases. Get your health checked regularly because, if you get sick, in addition to causing pain and suffering to the body, you also have to worry about the medical expenses.

Better plan your health with more confidence with the health coverage, D Health Plus, to take care of your health in every moment of life that covers monkeypox, epidemics, common diseases, accidents, room, medical expenses in a lump sum benefit of 5 million Baht (1) with premiums less than 59 Baht per day (2), hospitalization and OPD benefit for continuous treatment and rehabilitation. The product also covers standard single room fee, ICU room fee, doctor fee, medication fee, examination fee, surgery fee and physical therapy fee whether for minor or major surgery or injury from an accident within 24 hours without being hospitalization as an inpatient.

✔Lump sum benefit for standard single room fee, ICU room fee, doctor fee, medication fee, examination fee and surgery fee as charged
✔Hospitalized in standard single room at any hospital
✔Outpatient (OPD) benefits for continuous treatment and rehabilitation
✔Entry age is 11 – 90 years. Coverage period is until the age of 99 years.  
✔ Purchase additional coverage for child delivery, health checkup and dental care.
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Boost your confident in living life by getting health insurance now!!

More information 
️ ☑️Call Tel. 1766, available 24/7.
️ ☑️Contact life insurance agent or Kasikornbank or Land and Houses Bank branches.

(1) For Plan 5 Million Baht, coverage for IPD treatment expense per any hospitalization
(2) For a female aged 35 with Plan 5 Million Baht in annual mode of premium payment

  • D Health Plus Rider must be purchased to be attached to the policy which is still effective.
  • Coverage period of this rider must not exceed the coverage period of the life insurance policy that this rider is attached to.
  • Premium is eligible for personal income tax deduction. This is subject to the Revenue Department.
  • Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
  • Conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL and the banks.
  • Conditions are according to the medical standard and necessity.
  • Please study details of coverage, conditions, and exclusions before making a decision to purchase insurance.

Sources: data retrieved on 02/08/2022

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