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Marian Plum: Popular Fruit, High in Vitamins

Marian Plum: Popular Fruit, High in Vitamins

plum", a popular fruit of the same species as plum mango with many benefits. Marian plum has sweet, juicy and slightly sour taste. There isn't a lot of resin, so it's easy to eat and doesn't irritate the throat like plum mango. This makes Marian plum a beloved fruit of the season used as the main ingredient in many dessert menus, including Marian plum in syrup, bakeries or fresh Marian plum. In addition to the delicious taste, Marian plum also has benefits we might have never thought about.

       Marian Plum, delicious and valuable

Marian Plum, delicious and valuable

Besides the good taste, Marian plum is also full of medicinal properties. In Marian plum, there are many vitamins and minerals good for our body. Even its size is small, it’s full of the benefits. Let's learn its benefits more.

  • High in beta-carotene, antioxidant: Marian plum is high in beta-carotene which is an antioxidant that helps to stimulate the body's immune system and reduce the risk of cancer. It also helps make the skin firm and bright.
  • Vitamin A helps maintain eyesight: When the body receives beta-carotene, it is converted into vitamin A. That is why : Marian plum is rich in vitamin A which helps nourish eyesight, reduce the deterioration of eye cells and reduce the chance of cataracts when getting older.
  • Vitamin C boosts immunity: Vitamin C helps nourish the body's immune system better to not get sick easily and also prevent bleeding from the gums.
  • Calcium and phosphorus reduce the risk of bone disease: Marian plum also contains calcium and phosphorus. Both of these nutrients are very important to bones because they help nourish our bones and teeth and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone degeneration.


In addition, Marian plum contains many vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to the body, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine and dietary fiber.

 Beware of high sugar in Marian plum

Beware of high sugar in Marian plum

Although Marian plum has many nutritional values both vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body, if we eat too much, blood sugar may spike. 100 grams of Marian plum, or about 3 Marian plums, provide 13 grams of sugar, or 3.3 teaspoons. For the right amount of sugar per day, you should receive no more than 24 grams or 6 teaspoons while children and the elderly 60 years and older should receive no more than 16 grams or 4 teaspoons. If you eat too many Marian plums, be careful of high sugar level. Your health can be damaged and you may be at risk of getting sick later.


In addition to the delicious Marian plum, other summer fruits are also delicious. Let's take a look at how high sugar is in each fruit in order to be more careful when eating.

  • 4 mangosteens contain 2.8 teaspoons of sugar.
  • 6 pieces of Phulae pineapple contain 1.9 teaspoons of sugar.
  • 8 pieces of Kinnaree watermelon contain 3.4 teaspoons of sugar.
  • ½ medium sized Monthong durian contains 2.1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • ½ of Ok Rhong Damnoen (sweet mango) contains 2.7 teaspoons of sugar.

Marian plum has many benefits, but we need to eat carefully because of high sugar which could make us at risk for illnesses later, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and coronary artery disease. If you don't want to get sick, please start taking care of yourself now and find a helper to boost your confidence. Lump-sum health insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance is ready to protect you against emerging diseases, recurring diseases, epidemics, critical illness and common diseases. Coverage amount is available from 200,000 Baht to 100,000,000 Baht. The entry age is up to 80 years with long-term coverage until the age of 99 years.* Tax deduction is up to 25,000 Baht per year.
*Only for Elite Health Rider and D Health Rider

  • Coverage period of the rider must not exceed the coverage period of the life insurance policy that this rider is attached to.
  • Premium is eligible for tax deduction. Conditions are as specified by the Revenue Department.
  • Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
  • Please study details of coverage, conditions and exclusions before making a decision to purchase insurance.

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