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How to Eat Vegetarian in 2023 for Prosperous Life

How to Eat Vegetarian in 2023 for Prosperous Life

October 12, 2023

5 minutes

Again, it’s time for vegetarianism in 2023. This year, the Vegetarian Festival falls on 15-23 October, a total of 9 days and 9 nights. The Festival, celebrated for nine days, follows the lunar calendar, beginning on the first day of the ninth lunar month. We believe that many of you are waiting for this Vegetarian Festival, both people who have eaten vegetarian before and people who are about to do for the first time. If you wish for prosperous life from eating vegetarian, let's get ready and find out what vegetarian eaters can eat.

Why should we eat vegetarian in 2023?

Why should we eat vegetarian in 2023?

For the Vegetarian Festival this year, many people who want to do vegetarianism may have different starting points. However, there are 3 main purpose of vegetarianism as follows:

1. For health

Vegetarian food is a type of organic food. When you continuously consume it over a period of time, the body will be more balanced and will be able to remove toxins, and that helps adjust the blood circulation system and stabilize the digestive system.

2. To make merit

Foods we eat in our daily life consist of the animal flesh and blood, so a person with a kind heart, good morals and a good conscience cannot make their mind to eat the flesh and blood of those animals that have flesh, blood and mind. Most importantly, those animals also love themselves and are scared of death, too, just like humans.

3. To avoid karma

Those who understand deeply will realize that eating involving killing to take another's flesh and blood is karma. Even though the eaters are not the one who committed the murder, buying from others is like hiring murder. If there is no one to eat, there is no one to kill and sell. (If we don't kill or sell, no one will eat). This karma that we create will soon follow us, causing our physical health and lifespan to be shortened and be the source of disease.

Vegetarian Festival: What not to eat and what to eat

Vegetarian Festival: What not to eat and what to eat

If a person has the intention of completing the 9-day vegetarian period according to the tradition, it is important to know which foods or fruits and vegetables to not eat and to eat during the Vegetarian Festival. Let's find out together.

What not to eat

  • Refrain from meat, milk, butter and oils that come from all types of animals.
  • Refrain from 5 types of vegetables with strong smell (garlic, onions, chives, Chinese garlic, tobacco leaves).
  • Refrain from spicy food and don't use the same utensils with non-vegetarian eaters.
  • Refrain from eating chicken eggs because eggs are from a living animal.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and intoxicants while eating vegetarian.

What to eat

  • Carbohydrates made from plants
  • Agricultural protein (plant protein)
  • Agricultural fat (plant fat)
  • Vegetarian seasoning
  • Vegetables and fruits

On what day should you cleanse your stomach before eating vegetarian?

On what day should you cleanse your stomach before eating vegetarian?

Why do we have to cleanse our stomach before eating vegetarian food in 2023? It will help the body to completely cleanse the meat and fishy foods that remain inside the body, including to adjust the systems in the body to prepare for vegetarian food. It is recommended to cleanse the stomach at least 2 days in advance as detailed below.

  • Day 1: Eat less large meat and eat more fish, milk and eggs instead.
  • Day 2: Start eating more vegetables and fruits and do not eat meat so that the body and the digestive system can adapt for the next day when you can start eating vegetarian.

ผู้ป่วย เบาหวาน ความดัน หัวใจ ห้ามกินอาหารอะไรบ้าง

What foods should patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease not eat?

For people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or obesity, what foods not to eat? They need to carefully eat vegetarian food because some vegetarian menus, if eaten in excessive amounts, it may affect health, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood fats. Be careful of fried foods as it is high in sugar, and blood fat will also increase. You should eat in the right amount and focus on vegetables and fruits in the right amount as well which the tastes are not too sweet. Most vegetarian food is made up of flour and sugar, so diabetic patients should be careful. For food that contains salt, if eaten in small amount, it will not affect heart disease and blood pressure. If people with chronic diseases eat a large amount of it, the symptoms will be worsened, and they need to see a doctor immediately.

Prayer before eating vegetarian

Prayer before eating vegetarian

Once you are ready for the vegetarian festival, don't forget to recite a prayer before eating vegetarian to calm your mind, along with behaving according to the principles of vegetarianism for the prosperous life. The prayer before eating vegetarian in 2023 is as follows:

นำโมไต๋ชื้อ ไต๋ปุย กิวโคว่ กิวหลั่ง กวงไต๋เล่งก้ำ กวงสี่อิมผู่สัก (กราบ)
นำโมไต๋ชื้อ ไต๋ปุย กิวโคว่ กิวหลั่ง กวงไต๋เล่งก้ำ กวงสี่อิมผู่สัก (กราบ)
นำโมไต๋ชื้อ ไต๋ปุย กิวโคว่ กิวหลั่ง กวงไต๋เล่งก้ำ กวงสี่อิมผู่สัก (กราบ)

นำโมฮุก นำโมหวบ นำโมเจ็ง นำโมกิวโคว่ กิวหลั่ง กวงสี่อิมผู่สัก ทั่งจี้โต 
โอม เกียล้อฮวดโต เกียล้อฮวดโต เกียออฮวดโต ล้อเกียฮวดโต ล้อเกียฮวดโต
ซาผ่อออ เทียงล้อซิ้ง ตี่ล้อซิ้ง นั้งลี่หลั่ง หลั่งลี่ซิ้ง เจ็กเฉียก ใจเอียงห่วยอุ่ยติ้ง

Translation for the prayer before eating vegetarian in 2023

Please let me pay respect to the Great Bodhisattva, Guan Yin, the one who is overflowing with great mercy and the great compassion. Please heal my sorrow and protect me from diseases and harms.

Please let me pay homage to Buddha power, Dhamma power, Sangha power of the Great Bodhisattva, Guan Yin. Please remove all sufferings, sorrows, diseases and harms.

Please bless me with happiness and grant my wishes. Dear all the gods above and all the gods below, please dispel the karma and all misfortunes.

Vegetarianism in 2023 is not just about abstaining from eating meat; those who hold precepts must also conduct themselves in good morals. Be pure and clean in body, speech, and mind. Most importantly, don't forget to take care of your health during the Vegetarian Festival. Choose to eat food according to nutritional principles to prevent negative effects that may occur on your health during the period. Drink 6-8 glasses of clean water per day and exercise regularly. Get enough sleep. Don't drink alcohol or smoke. Additionally, you can purchase health insurance to take care of medical expenses for both common diseases and critical illnesses with a chosen amount ranging from
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