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Opportunity for Investment in Foreign Fixed-Income Fund (UINC-N)

United Income Fund (UINC-N)

Fixed-income fund investing in units of PM Income Fund C (acc) – USD (master fund) managed by JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) only.

✅ The main objective of the fund is to generate consistent income through diversified investments in both government and corporate bonds worldwide. The fund adopts an active investment strategy.

✅ Suitable for investors seeking strong returns from investments in foreign mutual funds and willing to accept a higher level of investment risk.

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Investment Policy

  • The Fund will mainly invest in JPM Income Fund C (acc) - USD (Master Fund).
  • The master fund is managed by JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) S.à.r.l.
  • The Fund may consider investing in derivatives for purposes of enhancing the efficiency of portfolio management.
  • The fund aims to achieve performance close to the Master Fund while the Master Fund aims to outperform the benchmark. (active management)

Performance (USD)

3 months1 year3 years5 years
JPM Income4.75%5.51%0.02%3.02%

Source : JP Morgan Asset Management (Data as of 31 January 2024), Benchmark is Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index (Total Return Gross)

Bond Quality Breakdown (%)


Sector (%)

Agency MBS31.1%
HY Corporate Bond23.6%
Non-Agency MBS14.6%
IG Corporate Bond6.7%
EM Bond6.0%

Source : JP Morgan Asset Management (Data as of 31 January 2024)

Risk Level with Fund Type

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Customers can subscribe or switch UINC-N  Fund
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Warning  :

  • Buyers should understand details of coverage, conditions and risks before making a decision to purchase insurance.
  • Investments are risky. Investors should study details before making a decision to invest.

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