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New Fund Update: Embracing the Challenges of Change in 2024

December 18, 2023

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💹 LHGEQ-A Fund focuses on investing in the units of foreign mutual fund in a single master fund, namely the GMO Quality Investment Fund, in Class USD, with an average proportion not less than 80% of the net asset value of the fund, and It will invest in US dollar securities.

💹 The master fund focuses on investing in quality stocks worldwide that the fund management team considers to have high returns on investment (ROI) from past investments. The fund management team will use a bottom-up stock selection approach to invest in approximately 40-50 stocks.

💹 The master fund will seek companies with sustainable competitive abilities and growth potential, as well as efficient profit-making and capital allocation capabilities, at appropriate price levels.

💹 The master fund will be managed by a team of 3 fund managers who will collectively make investment decisions in companies. The management approach of this expert team has resulted in consistent fund performance over time.

💹 The fund generated returns in the long term that surpassed the global stock index in developed countries (MSCI World).

Table showing expected returns and investment proportions for the year 2024

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*Expected returns are not a guarantee of actual returns. Investors may achieve returns higher or lower than the expected returns shown in the table, depending on the actual investment situation. The expected returns and return volatility figures are compiled from assessments of the future economic conditions over a 10-year horizon, which affect the return expectations of each asset class.
**The recommended foreign equity fund is will invest in the KKP GNP-H fund in a portion of 50% and LHGEQ-A fund in a portion of 50% (approximately) of the total foreign equity proportion in the investment portfolio.

Remark : Investment has risks. Investors may not achieve the expected returns of the recommended investment portfolios, or may incur losses from investing in the recommended portfolios. The recommended investment portfolios are provided for consideration only. In investing in the recommended portfolios, investors may face currency risks from foreign investments. Investors must understand the nature of the funds, return conditions, and risks before making investment decisions. The allocation of investments in each of the 5 investment portfolios will vary according to objectives, investment terms, and risk tolerance. Estimated returns and risks are based on past data and assessments of economic conditions, investment conditions, and market trends for each asset, which may change in the future. When investing in the recommended portfolios, the actual value of assets may increase or decrease, causing the actual investment proportions to differ from the original recommended investment proportions. Investors should consider buying or selling to maintain the original asset allocation recommended. The recommended investment portfolios are not guaranteed returns, and investors have the opportunity to achieve returns higher or lower than expected returns, depending on the actual returns from each asset in each year. The appropriate investment horizon is investing for at least 10 years.

* "Expected returns" refer to the returns anticipated from each risk level of the investment portfolio over a 10-year period, while "expected return volatility" denotes the anticipated level of volatility in returns from investing over a 10-year period for each risk level of the investment portfolio.

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