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The Most Popular Trees for Christmas!

The Most Popular Trees for Christmas!

December 20, 2021

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Counting down to another happy festival, Christmas, which falls on 25 December every year which remind many people of gift boxes and Santa Claus, a kindly elderly man in a bright red suit. Another indispensable symbol that has always been with this festival is the trees decorated to match the festival, including fir trees, mistletoe, holly and Christmas garland. Did you know what the meaning and interesting origins of these trees are?

Christmas tree, the paradise tree

Christmas tree, the paradise tree  

Christmas tree, the paradise tree, is the tree that Adam and Eve secretly ate fruits from, which is considered a sinful act because they did not listen to God. Thus, the Christmas tree is likened to a reminder of the violation of God's teachings.

Going back to the 11th century, during a time when Christians were fond of dramatizing festival stories to convey the meaning of Christmas, fir trees were placed in the center of the stage to decorate scenes and symbolize the original sin of Adam and Eve. The reason for choosing fir trees as stage decorations was because they were readily available in the country and became so commonly used that they came to be called Christmas trees. However, by the 15th century, many authorities prohibited theatrical performances due to content distortion, mocking of villagers, landlords, and religion, which didn't align with the festive atmosphere of celebrations. This left villagers feeling disappointed, prompting them to opt for fir trees as decorations in their own homes instead.

As for the fir trees that are popularly used for Christmas decorations, fir trees are commonly found in North and Central America, Europe, and Asia. It is thought to come from German Christmas traditions, where many candles are lit in the shape of a pyramid throughout Christmas night with the Star of David or the six-pointed star symbol adorning the top of the pyramid. The six corners of the star signify the six characteristics of God: power, wisdom, grace, love, mercy, and justice

Mistletoe, the tree of love

Mistletoe, the tree of love

Mistletoe is another symbol and decoration of the Christmas season. If anyone still can't figure out where this tree is decorated on Christmas Day, try noticing the mistletoe wreath that many people hang on the front door, dining table, or in various parts of the house on Christmas Day. It is believed that mistletoe is a symbol of friendship and love. If a couple or a pair kisses under the mistletoe, it will lead to everlasting love or a serious relationship.

In addition, mistletoe wreath is hung during the Christmas season because it is believed that mistletoe is a plant that can ward off evil. In addition, in Norse mythology it is said that mistletoe is a plant of calm and peace. Whenever we're under the mistletoe, enemies who want to do harm will retreat. Mistletoe wreath is therefore hung on the doorstep to bring peace and good luck to the family.

Holly, the love for God

Holly, the love for God 

Holly Tree, the love for god, is a petite bushy tree growing commonly in regions with cold and semi-tropical climates. It's directly associated with the Christmas festival because the green color of its leaves is believed to symbolize eternal life, while the red color of its berries represents the drops of blood shed by Jesus on the cross. This makes it a symbol of love for God. The sharp leaves of the holly tree serve as a reminder to Christians of the crown of thorns placed on Jesus Christ's head by Roman soldiers.

For holly trees, they are commonly used to make arrangements and wreaths for home decoration. The leaves of holly trees are often serrated and pointed at the ends, with a vibrant green color. Some varieties have lighter green leaf margins. Female holly trees produce small, red berries. Holly trees for home use can be somewhat difficult to find, but plastic versions can be purchased for home decoration.


Why hang a Christmas garland?

During the Christmas festival, apart from decorations such as lights, gift boxes, ribbons, socks and Christmas trees, in each home, there is also the tradition of adorning the front door with a Christmas garland to commemorate the crown of thorns placed on Jesus Christ's head and is believed to protect the household from evil forces while bringing good luck to the decorators and their families. The most popular plants used to make garlands are holly and mistletoe.

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