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What is Trick or Treat Why do we have to Treat

What is Trick or Treat? Why do we have to Treat?

February 28, 2023

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Halloween 2022 is another festival that many people are looking forward to. Halloween is well known as "Ghost Release Day". Most people from all over the world celebrate this festival with home decoration and fancy dress, including playing festival activities like “trick or treat” to enjoy varieties of sweets.

Today, let's take a look at the meaning of the "trick or treat" which is a highlight of Halloween. What is it and how to enjoy the tradition?

Trick or Treat, a Highlight of Halloween

Trick or Treat, a Highlight of Halloween

Trick or treat is the name of an activity on Halloween.
That gives the kids fun and amusement as they can dress up as a ghost and go out and knock on doors from house to house to ask for sweets.

How to Enjoy Trick or Treat 

How to Enjoy Trick or Treat 

Once you know what Trick or Treat is, let's take a look at how to enjoy this Halloween.

  • Dress up as a ghost or your favorite demon, such as ghosts from various beliefs and ghosts from famous movies (the more stylish you can dress, the more you get the sweets).
  • Walk around the neighborhood and knock on a door and ask the home owner “trick or treat?” It is recommended to go for a house decorated with jack-o-lanterns because most of them will definitely welcome us.
  • If the home owner replies “Treat,” it means they give up and must give us sweets.
  • If the home owner replies “Trick,” it means that we will have to trick them by sticking out our tongue and eyes until they are so scared that they will give up and give us sweets.

Popular Healthy Sweets

Popular Healthy Sweets

What we cannot miss out during the Halloween festival is sweets as we need it for Trick or Treat. Mostly, they contain high sugar, such as chocolate, cookies, jelly, and candies. Eating too much can harm your health, so let’s try a healthy one instead of traditional sweets.

  • Chocolate with “fruits” or “nuts” which help reduce the sweetness instead of pure chocolate;
  • Cereal cookies with many benefits;
  • Sweet and sour fruits, such as oranges or bananas which are naturally sweet and delicious instead of jelly;
  • For the sweets that mostly contain flour and sugar, try looking for other sweet containing more vegetables and fruits, such as delicious and chewy flourless pumpkin cake.

Even, in Thailand, the activity “Trick or Treat” may not be very popular, we can enjoy it at a Halloween party. However, if a kid knocks on your door on Halloween night, don't forget to prepare sweets for them. Otherwise, you'll be tricked!

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