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To File Tax Return in 2023, Where to Find Tax Deduction Documents?

To File Tax Return in 2023, Where to Find Tax Deduction Documents?

It's time to submit your 2022 income tax return again. We believe that you all will definitely be confused because there are many documents to prepare, especially tax deduction documents. However, once you have prepared all the required documents, we guarantee that you will be able to exercise your tax deduction right for sure.

Today, Muang Thai Life Assurance provides you a checklist of tax deduction documents to prepare to not miss out anything. Let’s explore what the tax deduction documents are and where to find each of them.

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Checklist of tax deduction documents: Where to find them?

Before filing the tax return, you need to have your documents ready to not miss out and to exercise the tax deduction. Let’s find out what the documents are and where to find them.

1. Income document

  • Withholding Tax Certificate (50 Tawi): For office workers, please use 50 Tawi. For Freelancers, please use a withholding slip which you may request from your employer. You must also collect the documents from all sources of income.

2. Tax Deduction Documents

  • Personal and family obligations, such as:
    • Parental care allowance: Download and fill in the Form Lor.Yor. 03 on the Revenue Department's website. (Download here)

  • Savings and investments, such as:
    • RMF/SSF: Asset management companies shall submit documents to the Revenue Department.
    • Insurance plans, such as annuity life insurance and health insurance for yourself and your parents. Premium payment certificate can be downloaded from the insurance company.
    • Provident fund contributions: Requested from your employer

  • Donation Group: Merit appreciation certificate can be obtained from the donation site. 
    • Economic stimulus, such as:
    • Housing loan documents: Requested from the bank granting the loan
    • Shop with Return Campaign: Tax invoices can be obtained from participating department stores and stores you shop.

Prepare your deduction documents to submit online from today - 10 April 2023. For anyone who want to deduct the tax more, don't forget to find an insurance plan which guarantees the best value for both health coverage and tax deductions!

Choose lump sum health insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance, covering critical illnesses, common diseases and accidents. Choose a coverage plan as needed from 200,000 Baht to 100,000,000 Baht. Entry age is up to 90 years. Long-term health coverage is provided up to the age of 99 years* with tax deduction up to 25,000 Baht per year.

Example of premium rate for a healthy female insured aged 35 is less than 65 Baht per day. 

Choosing D Health Rider in Plan 5 million Baht
It is the coverage amount per any treatment with annual mode of premium payment.

For more information:
☑Call Tel. 1766
☑Contact Kasikornbank and Land and Houses Bank. 

Choose Lump Sum Health Insurance, Choose Muang Thai Life Assurance.

No matter what profession and what lifestyle you have, Muang Thai Life Assurance understands all your needs.

*Elite Health Plus Rider and D Health Plus Rider only

  • The health riders must be purchased to be attached to the policy which is still effective.
  • Coverage period of this rider must not exceed the coverage period of the life insurance policy that this rider is attached to.
  • Premium is eligible for personal income tax deduction. This is subject to the Revenue Department.
  • Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
  • Conditions are according to the medical standard and necessity.
  • Conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL and the banks.
  • Please study details of coverage, conditions, and exclusions before making a decision to purchase insurance.

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