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Marriage dowry ideas for your love life

Marriage dowry ideas for your love life

November 03, 2023

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Love birds are thinking about marriage dowry once they want to start a life together. Couples plan to start a new chapter in life by marriage, but they need to be aware of several things to work on in the wedding ceremony, whether for the location of the wedding, the guests to be invited, the wedding theme, for examples. There is another thing we should not overlook: marriage dowry, the tradition which has been existed for a long time. However, in the modern era, some couples may not consider to have it, depending on each couple. For couples who agree to provide dowry, they need to think about appropriate dowry. Today, let us share about marriage dowry ideas to answer your questions about proper dowry and whether the dowry amount should be even or odd. Let’s find out.


What is a marriage dowry?

What is a marriage dowry? How long has it existed

A dowry is something of value, whether it be a ring, money, or other property, that the groom gives to the bride's elders, which is traditionally viewed as the price of mother’s milk, or in ancient times, it was called the price of mother’s milk and foods. By giving the dowry to the bride's elders or parents, it is to thank them for taking care of the bride well. However, in other words, it gives confidence to the bride’s family that the groom can take care of the bride, and the dowry is also a symbol of stability in married life

Dowry tradition

Dowry has been existing for a very long time in Thailand. In the past, there had often been arranged marriages, so the bride’s family therefore had to claim the dowry as a guarantee that the groom would not run away from the wedding. If he ran away, the ceremony would be meaningless. The bride’s family would be disappointed and would lose both money and time. By giving the dowry first, at least there was a guarantee for the bride’s family to feel more at ease because, importantly, women still had to depend on men to some extent in the past. Nowadays, giving a dowry conveys the status and stability of the groom.

What is the difference between a dowry and an engagement gift

What is the difference between a dowry and an engagement gift?

The wedding is an auspicious ceremony, so let's find out the difference between a dowry and an engagement gift.

The dowry must be given by the groom to the bride’s family.

As mentioned, a dowry will be given by the groom to the bride's elders or parents, and it must be the property like the engagement gift given to the bride as a return that she decided to marry him. Mostly, according to tradition in the past, the dowry was given the bride’s parents, but, at present, some parents would give it back to the bride and groom so that they could build the future together, depending on each family.

The engagement gift is given directly to the bride.

The engagement gift must be property like the dowry, such as money, gold, ring, car, house, land and condominium. The engagement gift is given to the bride on the engagement day. Now, you know the difference between the dowry and engagement gift. However, it depend on each individual to provide the dowry or engagement gift to whom.

Interesting dowry ideas

Interesting dowry ideas

For couples who are dreaming about their ideal wedding but having no idea about the dowry either for the engagement ceremony or the wedding, let's find out now.

Cash to take care of your partner

Cash is a popular dowry we have seen at almost every wedding as it is a symbol of stability and it is definitely a valuable thing necessary for married life. It can be used for investments, whether to buy stocks, life insurance or other assets.

Diamond ring as a gift of love

The first thing that many couples think about is the diamond ring as it is beautiful and durable and has sentimental value. The ring also can be passed on to children and grandchildren.

Gold, representing wealth.

The dowry with high value and stable price like gold has also been chosen as one of the most popular dowries. It could be the gold set dowry with gold jewelry, gold bar, necklace, ring, bracelet and earring. Besides the beauty, jewelry can also be worn and used in everyday life.

Land title deed, for stability

Another dowry idea that can be developed in many ways is the land title deed, a valuable asset with a number of benefits, such as to build the new home of both of you, to expand the business in the future, including to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Car, to start a married life

A car is also a dowry that can be used immediately after the wedding. It can also further the business and increase comfort in traveling, and it is also a good guarantee of stability.

Life insurance, for a confident future

Currently, dowry is not only a popular property, such as a diamond ring, a gold set dowry, a land title deed or a car with increasing value that can be passed on to future generations. We also have another idea to share: buying life insurance for your life partner. Because when one of you is not around anymore, you both can feel at ease as you would not leave the burden to your loved one behind. No worries about debts, and most importantly, you can also specify the beneficiary. Currently, life insurance has many plans available and can meet the needs of future plans after getting married. Importantly, regardless of gender, life insurance can be given as the dowry to your loved one.

Should the dowry amount be even or odd?

Should the dowry amount be even or odd?

Another problem that many couples still can't figure out is whether the dowry amount should be even or odd or what auspicious number for the dowry 2023 is. In fact, there are many families sticking to the dowry amount number according to their beliefs because starting a life together must begin with the auspicious number. According to the Thai tradition, dowry amount ending in the number 9 is popular, depending on each individual to provide how many digits. The number in front is popular to be an even number, such as 2, 4, 8 or even 9, depending on the readiness of each family, as it is believed that the number 9 will help bring progress and prosperity.

What is the appropriate dowry?

What is the appropriate dowry?

For the wedding, you two must agree on the dowry well to satisfy both sides on how much for the appropriate dowry.

  • Come up with the conclusion together before discussing with your family members. If you have a number in mind, state it clearly to discuss whether it is acceptable to reach an agreement as to whether the amount of the dowry is appropriate or not.
  • Consider the financial status on both sides. Before talking about the dowry, you should figure out the appropriate and acceptable dowry.
  • If the dowry is not money, it could be discuss to provide something else, such as a car, land, house or jewelry. If you pretend you were okay, finance problems incur in the future. Therefore, before starting married life, you should agree carefully on the appropriate and acceptable dowry for both sides.

When two people decide to start living together, planning the marriage dowry perfectly from the beginning is a sign of happy family life. Nowadays, love has many forms, marriage dowry ideas can be beneficial for every couple. For example, if you buy life insurance, you can feel at ease, as you can express your love and to give a guarantee of millions Baht to your life partner.
If the day one party leaves, you can be confident. That you will not leave the burden on those behind you.
When one of you is not around anymore, you both can feel at ease as you would not leave the burden to your loved one behind.

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