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4 Ways to be a Good New Parent

October 03, 2023

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One thing giving a couple happiness is becoming new parents as they will soon welcome a new family member. However, it’s worth considering how to prepare to be a good parent for the baby who will be born into the world. Therefore, before the child is born, what the parents should know to be able to take care of the baby appropriately, to reduce potential obstacles and increase happiness among the family members and the baby. Ready? Let's prepare now.

Tips for a new parent

Tips for a new parent

Preparing to be a good parent requires efforts as you have to gradually learn and adapt to living together as a family in order for the baby to develop well and be happy. What do you need to pay special attention to? Let’s find out.

Manage time for the baby.

New born babies must be closely taken care of, especially first year babies. The more time parents spend with them, the more likely the baby will grow up well.

Practice controlling your emotions.

Babies have a variety of emotions and cannot control their emotions as well as parents, so the parents must practice controlling their emotions by sticking to reasons and facts, not just emotions, so that the babies will not become moody and aggressive even they often have already given you some headaches sometimes.

More knowledge about parenting

Growing up a child comes with many changes, especially in parenting, that the parents have to deal with at different ages, from infancy until they become a little boy/girl who is curious and interested in everything. Parents need to regularly update and find answers for their children to ease their doubts, or sometimes it's a good thing to let them search for the answers on their own.

Prepare necessary items.

New parents may be worried about preparing the necessary items for their child whether those items are already enough. It is recommended that you slowly list the items you need. Let's first look at what is necessary to welcome the baby: bed, mattress, mosquito net, pillow, bed sheet, baby bottle, baby bottle nipple and bottle cover, for examples.

A guide for happy baby caring for new parents

A guide for happy baby caring for new parents

For your baby to be happy, you must be happy first. In addition to preparing yourself to be a new parent, raising a baby to grow up well happily is also an important thing that should not be overlooked. Let's see how to happily take care of a baby that anyone can do.

Spend time with your child to build a relationship.

If parents spend time with their baby, it will help develop love and relationships between family members. In addition, showing love to your child by hugging or kissing the cheek will make you closer to your child and make the family warmer.

Find time to read with your child.

Reading movies will stimulate your child's brain development, and it also helps increase family closeness.

Let your child build relationships with friends and people around.

Building relationships is a good foundation for future life as it helps children live happily in society by being aware of disciplines, sharing, and emotion control for a good attitude in life.

Be a role model.

Parents should always be a good role model for their children because children will automatically absorb the behaviors that adults show, rather than any verbal teaching.

Compliment your child.

When your child does good things or the right things, you should complement and support them to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Observe your child's behavior at home and at school.

Observe your child's behavior if one day he/she seems depressed and not as cheerful as before. You should talk to them about their problems, and make them feel relaxed and feel that they always have you beside.

Financial planning techniques for your child

Financial planning techniques for your child

Expenses in the beginning

In the beginning of having a baby, there will be expenses related to prenatal care and childbirth expenses. Such expenses can be between 50,000 - 100,000 Baht over a period of approximately 9 months or more.

Expenses for newborn items

Newborns items must be prepared very well, such as baby clothes, diapers, milk and milk warmers, cribs, bathing equipment and baby food. They would cost around 30,000 - 50,000 Baht approximately, and there will be monthly expenses of around 5,000 - 10,000 Baht. However, the expenses may vary, depending on the care of each family.

Expenses for baby food

Baby food is more special than adults', so you must plan to set aside approximately 3,000 - 5,000 Baht per month, excluding medical expenses when sick. Without health insurance, medical expenses can be very high, including vaccine expenses for your child from birth until reaching 12 years old.

Expenses for babysitters

If you don’t have time to take care of your children as you have to go to work and you need a babysitter, you should set aside approximately 5,000 - 10,000 Baht per month in order to cover all expenses, depending on each family.

Expenses for educations

The tuition is a very necessary thing. During kindergarten until the end of primary school, your child must study for at least 9 years. For total expenses, if studying at a government school, they will not cost much, but at a private school, you have to pay more for the tuitions and even more in both primary and secondary school. The average annual tuition fee for 9 years is around 20,000 - 50,000 Baht. Total for 9 - 10 years is around 200,000 - 500,000 Baht (not including school supplies which depend on the selected school and not including personal expenses).

Expenses for health insurance

Providing health insurance for your children helps diversify the risk. Even it doesn't help you avoid illnesses, but the health insurance can help pay medical expenses for covered diseases so that you can save more money because, as mentioned, the medical expenses nowadays are fairly high.

Extra expenses

Extra expenses include travel expenses, toys and vehicle expenses, for examples. The expenses widely fluctuate, depending on the lifestyle of each family. Within 10 years, the expenses are approximately 500,000 – 1,000,000 Baht.

Prepare for emergency and unforeseen events.

Prepare for emergency and unforeseen events.

In addition to planning to buy health insurance to cover the medical expenses, don't forget that emergency and unforeseen events can happen every second. Plan well with whole life insurance for the stability to your children when you are not around, as a guarantee of millions Baht for them to continue their education and further their dreams in the future. To take care of those behind you on the day you are gone, plan your life with life insurance for a confident future. Life insurance is also considered one of the things to prepare for your baby.

Life insurance for a confident future

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