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Fund TypeManagement
Fund NameInvestment Policy Dividend
Payment Policy
Sector Fund
MFC Property Dividend Fund UNIT (MPDIVUNIT)
MFC Property Dividend Fund UNIT (MPDIVUNIT)

• The Fund invests only in Property Sector with net exposure on average no less than 80% of NAV in any accounting period. Net exposure of securities are as follows:

1. Unit of property fund and/or unit trust of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

2. Stocks in Property sector, instruments or derivatives or underlying assets with the ability to make profit and growth potential in the future. For the remainder, the Fund can invest in other industry sectors, quality fixed income instruments, other assets, other instruments and/or other investment methods in accordance with the securities regulations or other ralated laws. The Fund will invest in Investment Units, Property Funds, Real estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Infrastructure Funds (Infra), which under management of the Management Company not exceeding 25% of the net asset value in accordance with the criteria and conditions prescribed by the Office of the SEC. However, the invested fund will not be able to invest in the investing fund (Circle investment) or invest in other funds under the management of the same management company (Cascade investment). Furthermore, the Fund will invest in single fund (Not included Investment Units under management of the Management Company) not exceed 50% of the net asset value. The Fund shall invest in derivatives for efficient portfolio management to decrease market risk in case of stock market downside at discretion of fund manager to suit the market conditions at the time.

No more than 4 times per annum