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Mar 1,2024 - Dec. 31, 2024

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Health Technology Products from Rester

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Special Privilege for Muang Thai Smile Club Members

Muang Thai Smile Club members can redeem Smile Points for the following health technology products from Rester: electric massage chairs, foot massager and other types of massagers for better quality of life.

Redeem 600 Smile Points for Rester Back Support.
Redeem 1,000 Smile Points for Rester iShake.
Redeem 1,300 Smile Points for Rester Neck and Shoulder Massager.
Redeem 1,300 Smile Points for Rester iNergy Handheld Massager.
Redeem 4,500 Smile Points for Rester iCube Foot Massager.
Redeem 4,800 Smile Points for Rester iRocky Sport Riding Machine.
Redeem 9,000 Smile Points for Rester DIVA Massage Chair.
Redeem 12,000 Smile Points for Rester Nova Massage Chair.
Redeem 19,000 Smile Points for Rester VIVA Massage Chair.
Redeem 29,000 Smile Points for Rester NEO Massage Chair.

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