The Company operates the business by considering the sustainability of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) in all processes to deliver long-term value to all stakeholders as follows:

The Company is committed to achieve good performance to comply with the good corporate governance as well as focusing on shareholders’ rights and treating them fairly.

The Company adheres to customer centricity by initiating product and service innovations to meet every aspect of customer needs. Life insurance and health products are developed to meet the needs and build opportunity for each customer group to access to insurance service as to have security and coverage that match premium rate target to strengthen the sustainability based on MTL’s obligations towards the insureds. Moreover, service innovations are initiated to meet all customers’ needs. In addition, the Company prioritizes providing fair customer service by taking into account the customers’ interests from presales process, sales offering process, until after-sales process for the highest customer satisfaction. MTL is also aware of cybersecurity and personal data protection.

The Company has established human resource management policy, fair remuneration and welfare policy, and equal treatment guidelines for employees. The Company also encourages employees to continuously participate seminar trainings to develop their abilities. Besides, the Company puts importance on the employee health and hygiene during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Company is committed to improve and elevate society quality to create a sustainable society through social activities, as well as supporting activities for public interest and promoting employees’ volunteer activities to instill the values of public spirit by establishing projects to continuously create positive change for the society.

The Company promotes friendly operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the Company focuses on effective resource management in the organization. Guidelines for reducing the use of paper, electricity, and water supply are set. Furthermore, MTL has raised the consciousness of internal employees continuously.

The Company is committed to comply with business-related laws and regulations.

The Company shall comply with good competition framework without using any corrupt practices to harm its competitors.

Partners and/or Creditors:
The Company shall serve partners and/or creditors according to trade terms and contracts by complying with good competition framework without using any corrupt practices.

The Company announced Sustainable Development Policy for all departments to implement in business operations concretely as well as designing the sustainable development management structure which is the main factor in driving and conveying ESG goals to the implementation of the directors, executives, and employees throughout the organization. This is to ensure proper practices and to enable operational plans to be consistent for the highest benefit for all stakeholders. Furthermore, the Company is committed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations by establishing operational policies for each aspect as follows:

Economic Aspect

Goal: Generate Sustainable Returns.
Determination: The Company is committed to generate sustainable returns by operating business under the good corporate governance and effective risk management according to international standard. Moreover, the Company is responsible to all stakeholders.

Economic Aspect comprises 6 main policies with operational plans as follows:

1. Business Operations Defined by Good Corporate Governance Practices
The Company holds CG training for new executives and employees, creates CG e-Learning courses, including corporate governance knowledge journal to enhance understanding and compliance with CG.

2. Adherence to Customer Centricity by Initiating Product and Service Innovations to Meet Every Aspect of Customer Needs
The Company develops life insurance products, unit-linked products, and health insurance products that meet needs of customers in every segment, and enhances the sustainability by taking the Company’s obligations to its insureds into account, as well as creating the service innovations to meet every aspect of customer needs.

3. Sustainable Investment Focusing on ESG Issues
The Company has investment procedure that takes ESG into account and sets business types that MTL will not invest in (exclusion list) which have main incomes or operations from generating negative impact on economy, society, and environment. Additionally, the Company allocates investments in Thai and foreign instruments which support ESG.

4. Efficient Risk Management Focusing on ESG Issues
The Company sets enterprise risk management guideline by integrating ESG risk management and organizational risk management in order to comply with international standards and practices to ensure stable and sustainable growth of the operation.

5. Market Conduct
The Company is aware of importance to providing fair customer service by taking customers’ interests into account, from product design process, presales process, sales offering process, until after-sales process.

6. Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection
The Company controls, audits, and continuously increases cybersecurity and personal data protection awareness to executives and employees by setting Personal Data Protection Policy to maintain data security of customers and related parties to stabilize the Company's IT system.

Social Aspect

Goal: Create Sustainable Society
Determination: The Company creates opportunities as well as building good relations to improve the life quality of our employees and people in the society for happiness and smiles in a sustainable society.

Social Aspect comprises 4 main policies with operational plans as follows:

1. Life Insurance Inclusion and Financial Planning and Life Insurance Literacy
The Company has developed products to enable each group of customers to have insurance and coverage that meet their needs under the suitable premium rate with objective to improve their lives. The Company determines to enable the public in order to have life insurance by arranging trainings about financial planning and life insurance as well as retirement planning and ESG for employees and agents.

2. Human Resource Management “Best Place to Work”
The Company aims for “Best Place to work” by establishing human resource management policy as well as equal treatment guideline for employees, improved welfare for employees and their families. Moreover, the company has encouraged employees to continuously participate in seminar trainings to develop their abilities. Besides, the Company puts importance on the employees’ health and hygiene especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Respect for Human Rights
The Company formulates Human Rights Policy and employment guidelines for the elderly, underprivileged people, disabled persons, vulnerable persons, and LGBTQ+, as well as promoting gender equality.

4. Operations of Corporate Social Responsibility and Creation of Green DNA for Employees
The Company is committed to develop and improve quality of life of the public for sustainable society through social activities in 4 aspects: education, religion, social quality development, and sports for Thai people health promotion. Furthermore, the Company has supported activities for the public interest and promoted the volunteer activities of employees to instill the values of public spirit by establishing projects to continuously create positive change for the society. Moreover, the “Green DNA” is created for employees at all levels to work by focusing on sustainable development in every process and becoming organizational culture.

Environmental Aspect

Goal: Create Net Zero Carbon Community
Determination: The Company places importance on the protection of environment and reduction of impact from climate change by effectively using resources and creating positive impact to the environment.

Environmental Aspect comprises 2 main policies with operational plans as follows:

1. MTL’s Operation to Become Net Zero Carbon Organization
The Company puts importance on the environment by promoting effective waste management and classification for proper recycling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the Company attaches importance to the management of electricity and water supply to maximize efficiency by setting guidelines for reducing electricity use and water consumption, as well as building employees’ awareness about energy and water saving continuously. Besides, Sarn Sara Academy Center in Ratchaburi province which is a new building of the Company is certified Gold level of the LEED standard as an energy-saving and eco-friendly building.

2. Leading Insurance Company with Environmentally Friendly Innovation “Green Insurer”
The Company promotes reducing paper use by redesigning work process enhancing internal process to be more environment-friendly with digital technology and issuing electronic documents instead. In addition, the company adapt digital platform or technology into sales process, services, and communication with customers.


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