20220302 Mtlesg Statement En for Web

Realizing that each stakeholder group has a different relationship and impact on business operations, the Company is determined to develop and upgrade its ability to meet the needs or expectations of the stakeholders for the sustainability of business operations and continuous growth of the organization as follows:

The Company is committed to achieve good performance to comply with the good corporate governance as well as focusing on shareholders’ rights and treating them fairly.

The Company adheres to customer centricity by initiating product and service innovations are developed to meet the needs and build opportunity for each customer group to access to insurance service as to have security and coverage that match premium rate target to strengthen the sustainability based on MTL’s obligations towards the insureds. In addition, the Company prioritizes providing fair customer service by taking into account the customers’ interests from presales process, sales offering process, until after-sales process for the highest customer satisfaction. MTL is also aware of cybersecurity and personal data protection.

The Company has established human resource management policy fair remuneration and welfare, and equal treatment guidelines for employees as well as focusing on Human Rights. The Company also encourages employees to continuously participate seminar trainings to develop their abilities. Besides, the Company puts importance on the employee health and hygiene during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Company is committed to improve and elevate society quality to create a sustainable society through social activities, as well as supporting activities for public interest and promoting employees’ volunteer activities to instill the values of public spirit by establishing projects to continuously create positive change for the society.

The Company promotes friendly operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the Company focuses on effective resource management in the organization. Guidelines for reducing the use of paper, electricity, and water supply are set. Furthermore, MTL has raised the consciousness of internal employees continuously.

The Company is committed to comply with business-related laws and regulations.

The Company shall comply with good competition framework without using any corrupt practices to harm its competitors.

Partners and/or Creditors:
The Company shall serve partners and/or creditors according to trade terms and contracts.

The Company announced Sustainable Development Policy for all departments to implement in business operations concretely as well as designing the sustainable development management structure which is the main factor in driving and conveying ESG goals to the implementation of the directors, executives, and employees throughout the organization. This is to ensure proper practices and to enable operational plans to be consistent for the highest benefit for all stakeholders. Furthermore, the Company is committed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations by establishing Sustainable Development Framework and Policy (ESG) as the strategic framework for sustainable development of the Company covering economic, social and environmental aspects. It includes 12 policies as follows:
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Goal: Environmentally Friendly in Our Own Operations
Commitment: The Company places importance on the protection of environment and reduction of impact from climate change by effectively using resources and creating positive impact to the environment.

Environmental Aspect comprises 2 main policies as follows:

1. Environmentally Friendly and Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Our Own Operations
The Company is aware of the importance of the environmental conservation and natural resources protection to alleviate impacts which may be arising from climate change. The Company has developed the operational plan to manage environment-related issues. The plan covers 3 scopes comprising our own operation (scope 1 and scope 2) and other indirect operation (scope 3) such as use of gasoline, reduction of electricity consumption, waste management, and water management. Furthermore, the Company has emphasized on cultivating awareness of environmental conservation and natural resources protection among executives and employees to ensure that the Company’s operations will create a positive impact on the environment in line with the national goals and the Paris Agreement.

This policy addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), comprises Goal 1 No Poverty, Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being, Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy, Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 13 Climate Action, and Goal 17 Partnerships to achieve the Goal.

2. Leading Insurance Company with Environmentally Friendly Innovation “Green Insurer”
The Company has been determined to be the leader in life insurance innovation by encouraging the introduction of innovation and modern technology to improve operational processes and services in all dimensions. It is also to satisfy the customers and promote the matter of being more environmentally friendly.

This policy addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), comprises Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, and Goal 17 Partnerships to achieve the Goal.