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Muang Thai 9960 (Tax Deductible)

Affordable premium entitled to tax deduction for several years(1)

Insurable Age<br/>20-55 years old

Insurable Age
20-55 years old

Premium Payment<br/>Until 60 years old

Premium Payment
Until 60 years old

Coverage<br>Until 99 years old

Until 99 years old

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"How to be happy after retirement?" Because you can design your later period of life, start planning today with Muang Thai 9960 (Tax Deductible), the insurance plan that could help you plan your future from Muang Thai Life Assurance. Receive continuous income after retirement. How good would it be... to live your life the way you want?

9960 New En

9960 En

(1) According to the Revenue Department’s rules
(2) Is % of the initial sum insured


  • Underwriting consideration is in accordance with the Company's criteria
  • Insurance premiums can be used for tax deduction purposes, subject to the criteria set by the Revenue Department
  • Please study the details of coverage, conditions and exclusions before deciding to purchase insurance.

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