The Winner Announcement: Muang Thai Smile Mop Chok 2020 (Expired points)
Winner names for 1 iPhone 12 and 1 iPad Air 4, Click here
Winner names for 500-Baht Big C gift voucher,Click here
Winner names for 500-Baht Tesco Lotus gift voucher,Click here
Winner names for 500-Baht MK Restaurant gift voucher,Click here

Reward Receiving Process
1. The winners complete the reward receiving confirmation form to specify the convenient MTL Customer Service Centers branches to pick up the rewards,click here
2. The Company will deliver the rewards to the branches specified in the form.
3. MTL Customer Service Center staff will call the winners to notify details and required document information to receive the reward as follows:
- Complete the reward receiving confirmation form and attach the winners’ copy of ID card 
- Pay tax for 5% of the reward value (in case the rewards worth more than 1,000 Baht)

Reward Details
1. 1 iPhone 12 worth 38,134.80 Baht, totaling 38,134.80 Baht
2. 1 iPad Air 4 worth 27,606 Baht, totaling 27,606 Baht
3. 1,000 500-Baht Big C gift vouchers, totaling 500,000 Baht
4. 1,000 500-Baht Tesco Lotus gift vouchers, totaling 500,000 Baht
5. 500 500-Baht MK Restaurant gift vouchers, totaling 225,000 Baht

There are 2,502 rewards in total, amounting to 1,290,740.80 Baht. It is the reward value as of 1 December 2019.

Judging Criteria and Reward Distribution
1. The winners who have domicile in both Bangkok and other provinces are required to bring physical ID card with the matching name as specified with a copy as evidence to receive the rewards at the Company or branches within 30 days from the announcement date. In case of exceeding the specified date, it will be considered that the winners have waived their right to receive such rewards. The Company will give the rewards to charitable organizations or government agencies for their advantage. 
2. The winners will receive specified rewards only. The rewards cannot be converted into cash or other rewards.
3. The Company reserves the right on the reward distribution. Each winner will receive only one reward.
4. The winners who receive the reward worth 1,000 Baht and above are required to pay withholding tax of 5% of the reward value according to the Revenue Department’s Order No. TorPor. 101/2544.
5. The judges’ decision shall be final.
6. For rules of the judgment, the Company will collect tickets from all the campaign participants in a clear container, mix those tickets, and invite honorable guests and trustworthy experts to randomly pick the tickets in front of the witnesses for the specified rewards. 
7. The Company will announce the winner names on within 24 February 2021.
8. Accumulated Smile Points are only a symbol used for redeeming points, claiming privileges to participate reward campaigns arranged by Muang Thai Smile Club. The privileges are limited with the conditions specified by the Company. The accumulated Points exist for 5 years. In case there is any change, the Company will notify the participants with prior notice. Accumulated Smile Points are aimed to build customer relations with Muang Thai Smile Club members. Accumulated points cannot be converted into cash and the Company reserves the right to amend, revise, add, or terminate conditions.
9. Staff, agents of Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited, and the working team cannot participate in this campaign.


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